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Washington D.C. Court Dismisses Jan. 6 Civil Charges Against Roger Stone

Originally published by Shane Trejo at Big League Politics

Iconic political operative Roger Stone had civil charges dismissed last week in a Washington D.C. court pertaining to a lawsuit blaming Stone for the federally-incited violence that occurred on Jan. 6.

“Judge Amit P. Mehta rightly DISMISSED all counts against me in a civil suit filed by 8 members of the US Capitol Police based on the events of Jan 6 in which I had no involvement beyond the exercise of my First Amendment rights,” Stone told Big League Politics.

A CNN article stated in a footnote that Mehta determined that Stone’s actions were protected under the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. President Donald Trump congratulated Stone on his exoneration in a Truth Social post.

Stone gave a speech denouncing violence at a Washington D.C. rally on Jan. 5, 2022, one day before the infamous events took place in and around the U.S. Capitol.

“What we are committed to is the truth, to speak the truth, to fight [for] the truth, to live for the truth, and the truth is Donald Trump won this election,” Stone said.

“When the Left tries to bait you, lets be clear: We denounce violence. They are the violent ones,” he added.

That clip can be seen here:

The fact that voices for peace like Stone are under attack while obvious provocateurs like Ray Epps go free shows how Jan. 6 was a Reichstag Fire setup to entrap and frame American patriots as a terror threat.

Big League Politics has reported on how the leftist fake news media runs cover for Epps after he incited the rush on the U.S. Capitol:

The fake news is running cover for Jan. 6 provocateur Ray Epps even after Epps admitted saying he helped to “orchestrate” the riot that happened at the Capitol that day.

The Federalist CEO Sean Davis pointed to Jan. 6 committee testimony in which Epps admitted he said he “orchestrated” the infamous demonstration during an interview with House investigators:

While any other Jan. 6 protester would be crucified by the media for this admission, Ray Epps – for some peculiar reason – is getting a free pass and being cast as a victim of conspiracy theories in news stories.

NBC News painted Epps in a sympathetic light in their recent coverage of his Jan. 6 commission interview.

“We had a tour bus come by our home and our business with all these whacked out people in it,” Epps said. “There are good people out there that was in Washington. Those aren’t the people that’s coming by our house. This attracts — when they do this sort of thing, this attracts all the crazies out there.”

“I saw people crawling all over the Capitol, climbing the walls. It made me kind of ill to my stomach. … There was no point in going back. It had gone beyond to what I wanted it to be,” he claimed.

However, Epps can be seen on video clearly stoking the passions of rally attendees and driving the demonstration inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6:

… Epps remaining a free man and being repeatedly defended by the interests who desperately want peaceful pro-Trump patriots who protested on Jan. 6 thrown in prison as insurrectionists may be the smoking gun that the riot was a federally-run operation.”

Stone has been vindicated with the dismissal of this frivolous civil case and will continue to be a voice for truth in an age of Orwellian repression.

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