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Those who value their brain-cells and judicious use of their time can be forgiven if you are not aware of the former rapper 50 Cent. Although back in the day he was able to make decent music, his insistence on finding new and more underhanded ways to make money is a disservice to his otherwise mediocre career. It is his prerogative to water down what little industry credibility he has left, but his attempts to be seen as an advocate for Demetrius Flenory, better known as Big Meech, borders on criminal misrepresentation.

Not only is 50 Cent showboating about an insultingly small redress to Big Meech’s sentence, but he has also profited off his unjust imprisonment. The online subscription TV service Starz paid 50 Cent an absurd $150 million dollars to make a show, Black Mafia Family, about Big Meech’s life. There would be nothing wrong with this if 50 Cent had not taken advantage of Demetrius’ situation to scam him out of his life rights.

The fact that 50 Cent has used Big Meech’s unfair sentence to create a profit for himself, as well as his unwillingness to share with Big Meech, makes his grandstanding about the latest decision in his case even worse. I believe that the fact that Big Meech was sentenced to 30 years in prison for a non-violent crime is completely unacceptable, and he should be released immediately. I am the true ally of Big Meech in his fight for justice right now, not the former rapper who pretends to care about him while simultaneously taking advantage of the ubiquitousness Demetrius has been subjected to.

All of Big Meech’s co-conspirators, who received the same sentence that he did, have been released from prison in favor of house arrest because of Covid-19. Demetrius has petitioned the state on four separate occasions to be given equal treatment under the law, which he more than deserves because of his health concerns. Not only were his requests denied on each occasion, but he also even lost phone and email privileges because he exercised his right to petition the court according to All Hip Hop.

The reason this beef started between 50 Cent, and I was because he celebrated the reduction of his sentence by U.S. District Court District Judge David M. Lawson from 360 months to 324 months. I believe that he should be released immediately, and that 50 Cent is only pretending to be excited about his 2028 release date to smooth over his relationship with him so he can avoid trouble with the Black Family Mafia upon their release.

This three-year reduction has nothing to do with the unequal application of justice, his health conditions, or the cruel and unusual nature of Big Meech’s punishment–namely solitary confinement. It only happened because of a change to the United States Sentencing Commissions sentencing guidelines which reduced the punishment for non-violent drug offenses.

The truth is, 50 Cent is a punk-ass bitch because he is too chicken to publicly acknowledge his plan to line his own pockets off Big Meech’s exploits, life story, and persecution. With a failed rap career failing to pay the bills, grifting seems to be the only option available to 50 Cent.

I have been a staunch advocate for criminal justice reform for years. The situation that Big Meech is in is exemplary of what is wrong with the current system in America and why it needs to be fixed. I was working for U.S. presidents before 50 Cent was born to fix problems like this because I believe in the cause, not because I made $150 million off of someone else’s story. 50 Cent should be the biggest advocate for Big Meech’s immediate, and unconditional release, and the fact that he is not shows how duplicitous he is. I have nothing to gain from this beef, I only want the criminal justice system to provide justice to everyone without prejudice. That is why I believe we need to #FreeBigMeech now.

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