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By Roger Stone

A reliable source just told me that President Trump is sending an official White House delegation to Haiti on Monday. It looks like they may be going to attend the February 7th inauguration of Clinton puppet, money laundering parting gift to Haiti – the newly selected, “fraudulently elected” Jovenel Moise, already under investigation for money laundering.

These are the same criminals that helped the Clinton’s RAPE of Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. This is the puppet government of the cronies Bill and Hillary Clinton, and this is about stealing the island nations, gas, oil, and minerals. These are the same Clinton cronies and donors who stole most of US and international earthquake money through rich, no bid contracts, but built little housing.

It would be sad if this happens. Sad, that Haiti gets saddled again with a Clinton Foundation and Haiti billionaire oligarchy president that is tied to former Tonton Makout, Michel Martelly- who will rule from behind Jovenel Moise. Haitian-American supporters of Trump fear the worst, that Trump will let the corruption continue with this electoral coup d’état.

And who arranged for a White House delegation to Haiti but Omarosa Manigault of “Apprentice” fame, now serving on the White House staff. Does Omarosa not know the facts- or is it something worse?

My research shows that Omarosa traveled to Haiti in 2007 with the Haiti Support Project, which is Ron Daniels’s organization. Ron Daniels is a Democratic political operative. Daniels is most likely the man who directed the rigging of two elections for the billionaire’s front man, Jovenel Moise.

Daniels also traveled with Omarosa to Haiti after the quake: http://www.northstarnews.com/columns/dr_ron_daniels/article/2826

After the fraudulent elections on November 20, 2016 where Clinton crony and major donor to the Clinton Foundation Denis O’Brien, owner of Digicel Mobile, essentially bought the Obama-Clinton-backed Jovenel Moise, finish Ron Daniels, a quisling, pretended to be a neutral party pushing for those who opposed the Digicel-Clinton fraud to unite with the money launderer. See his missive below pushing “unity” with electoral thieves and the Clinton criminals stealing from the Haitian people.

Fraudulently “elected” Jovenel Moise, who the Haiti oligarchy and Digicel (big Clinton Foundation donor in Haiti) are spending hundreds of millions to put in office over the people’s head on February 7th, is already under investigation for money laundering. The judge has not released the results of the investigation, running out the clock until Jovenel is inaugurated on February 7th. The judge was greased to “clear” him — details here on the Narco State being supported by the Clinton-Obama backed Jovenel Moise: http://sentinel.ht/2017/01/29/trump-towards-rise-haitian-narco-state/.

Moise also openly campaigned with DEA-indicted drug dealer, most wanted fugitive and warlord, Guy Philippe.

Clinton crony Denis O’Brien illegally announced the results of the November 20th election the AFTERNOON of the vote, claiming Jovenel Moise had won by 64%. The Haitian prosecutor called Digicel to a court hearing for manipulation. Digicel (Denis O’Brien) who the Clinton-Obama-USAID gave a monopoly on mobile banking in Haiti with US taxpayer dollars, also gave free phone cards (between 200 to 500 gourds worth of credit) to Haitian voters, right in front of the voting centers the day of the election to push people to vote for the oligarch/status quo Jovenel Moise. See the video: Ezili Dantò – PHTK-Bigio-Obama 2016 Election Fraud in… | Facebook

Both elections were tainted by massive fraud and bribery. During the campaign, President Trump talked specifically about the Clinton’s corruption in Haiti and their failure to help the people while rewarding their cronies. Will he let it continue?


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