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Stone Cold Truth Roger Stone

The most recent attack by a pathetic U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, Everett Stern, on General Mike Flynn is as ludicrous as it is outrageous. Using sensationalized words like “treasonous,” “domestic terrorism,” and “extortion” in a complete distortion of “events” that may not have even happened.

Needless to say, the jackals in the corporately-owned fake news media like the Guardian jumped on this false narrative like flies on sh*t in yet another effort to smear General Mike Flynn who is, in fact, a great American hero on the battlefield and in the struggle against the socialist junta now running the country into the ground.

Any effort by Mike Flynn or anyone else to identify those Republican elected officials who refused to examine the anomalies and irregularities in the 2020 election, and educate the voters regarding this dereliction of duty constituted neither “treason” nor “extortion.” In fact, such actions (if they even really happened) would be perfectly legal political activity specifically protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Yet those like James Comey, John Brennan, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, and other Deep State actors used totally fabricated ‘evidence” in the Steele Dossier and the bogus ‘Crowdstrike Report ” to weaponize the Department of Justice in a politically motivated witch hunt in order to remove a duly elected President. There is your treason.

In this case, a candidate for the US Senate who was neither credible nor viable first launched this  distorted attack on Flynn as a ridiculous publicity stunt aimed at breathing life into a political candidacy that is DOA.

Now according to the Guardian, this failed candidate Everett Stern has taken his ludicrous claims to the January 6th Committee. Funny, Stern had no problem with Flynn until the General endorsed a candidate for the US Senate who was not….Everett Stern.

Meanwhile distortionists and scumbags in the fake news media, the same people who insisted for two years that I was the conduit between the Russians, WikiLeaks, and the Trump campaign, as well as smearing General Flynn for “lying to the FBI” regarding conversations with the Russian Ambassador that were, in fact, perfectly legal, proper and well within Flynn’s authority as the National Security Advisor in an attempt to destroy both of us.

Now in denial, these same jackals refuse to publish the fact that the government’s politically motivated and corrupt prosecution of General Flynn was ultimately completely exposed, or that in Mueller’s own long-hidden unredacted final Report he admitted that he and his band of thugs had found “no factual evidence” that I had engaged in Russian collusion or WikiLeaks collaboration, and that I had neither knowledge nor involvement in the phishing and publication of John Podesta’s epically embarrassing e-mails.

In fact, these lying elitist con-artists in the fake news media continue to spew their long-discredited ” Russian Collusion” narrative.

What do you expect from a pig but a grunt? This is the second attempt by the fraudsters in the media to decapitate Flynn. Why do they fear him? Could it be because General Flynn is fully aware of their own treasonous activities and they fear that his current political activism on behalf of free, fair, and transparent elections could someday result in a political candidacy that could rally President Trump’s supporters behind the America First agenda?

General Michael Flynn has proved himself to be a man of courage, integrity, and truth. The same cannot be said for those who sought to destroy him then and seek to smear him now.

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