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Ari Melber Resorts To Bald-Faced Lies In Latest Attack on Roger Stone



Ari Melber Resorts To Bald-Faced Lies In Latest Attack on Roger Stone

By Troy Smith

MSNBC host Ari Melber simply cannot stop lying about Roger Stone. Melber has aired a series of questionable segments recently on his MSNBC program centering around footage from an unreleased Roger Stone documentary film called ‘A Storm Foretold.’

Stone has asserted that clips from the unreleased documentary have been manipulated and selectively edited as well as, in some cases, falsified with AI voice tracks in an effort to portray him in a false light and attribute to him things he has never said.

In many cases, Melber’s reporting is based on clips of the film where Stone’s voice is allegedly heard, but include no visual image of Stone actually saying what the audio claims he said. It’s a technique that the filmmaker uses extensively, calling into question the authenticity of much of what appears in the documentary.

In some cases, clips of the documentary were shown after being leaked to CNN. Those video clips used the same voice track as those used by MSNBC, but utilized completely different visual imagery. In neither case can Stone actually be seen saying some of the most controversial things attributed to him.

In his latest attempt to smear Stone, Melber has resorted to bald-faced lies. Seemingly short on material, Melber aired a clip that had previously used in his first attack on Stone using this documentary footage just 5 days ago, selectively truncating the clip in order to produce a new narrative in which Melber seeks to tie Stone to a controversy that Stone himself is never seen or heard discussing; the election in Georgia .

He uses the following statement to claim that Roger Stone was pushing the ‘fake elector plot,’ a completely unsubstantiated claim. Nowhere in the statement aired by Melber does Stone mention ‘fake electors.’ The full statement by Roger Stone used in this segment reads as following,

Although state officials in all 50 states must ultimately certify the results of the voting in their state, the final decision as to who the state legislatures authorize be sent to the electoral college is a decision made solely by the legislator. Any legislative body may decide on the overwhelming evidence of fraud to send the electors to the electoral college who accurately reflect the President’s victory in their state, which was illegally denied him through fraud. We must be prepared to lobby our Republican legislators by personal contact and by demonstrating the overwhelming will of the people in each state, that this may need to happen.

Roger Stone in MSNBC clip

Stone made the statement after candidate Biden boasted that his campaign had, “put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” See a clip of that statement from Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign below…

See Melber’s latest full segment on Roger Stone below….

It was after airing this clip that Melber began to viciously lie, claiming that the statement was about the State of Georgia, and ‘fake electors,’ neither of which are mentioned by Stone at any point during his statement in the video clip.

Melber can be quoted as saying about the above statement, “Legally false. Votes are not decided by politicians in state legislatures. Votes are decided by voters. Everybody actually knows that.” Stone disputes that assertion. Indeed under Article II of the Constitution the State Legislatures are granted the authority to certify the selection of electors based in the results of votes cast in the state.

“As I’ve been careful to say, Roger Stone saying those words and sending that out alone is not generally considered a crime, and I want to be clear, based on a full investigation up to this point, the Georgia D.A. and that probe has not resulted in an indictment of Mr. Stone, but I also want to be clear about how close the heat is,” Melber continued.

First of all, Melber seems unaware that our President is elected based on the results of the Electoral College, and not the popular vote. The state legislatures are in fact tasked with certifying election results, and awarding electors accordingly. These are the facts being outlined in Stone’s statement that Melber interprets as ‘incriminating.’

For all of the talk of a ‘coup’ plot by the Trump team, it is interesting that Melber has yet to cover the Transition Integrity Project’s blueprint for controlling the outcome of the 2020 Election. In June of 2020, five months prior to the 2020 Election, the Transition Integrity Project, created by Obama lawyers at ‘Protect Democracy’ established a report designed to instruct elected officials on how to concentrate their efforts to remove Trump from office in 2020.

While Melber, MSNBC, and the rest of the mainstream media accuse Donald Trump and his allies of plotting a ‘coup’, it was they themselves that had plans to control the outcome of the election. Read our report on that bombshell document here.

It would appear to the casual observer that Melber is doing everything within his power to make sure that Roger Stone is indicted in Fulton County, Georgia with former President Donald Trump. Melber even alludes to this fact several times during this latest monologue. He claims that Stone is ‘in the ballpark’ of those indicted in Georgia. A spokesman for Stone told Rare that Stone did not visit Georgia or participate in the efforts to contest the electoral vote in that state after the 2020 election

Melber also seems to be trying to tie Stone to the D.C. based indictment of President Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith. “Stone,” Melber said, “was advising Trump in January.” A spokesman for Stone said that while the legendary Republican strategist did bump into the then President on December 27th 2020 at Trump’s Golf Club in West Palm Beach. Stone had no further contact with Trump until March 24th, 2021, when Trump invited Stone and his wife to Trump’s home Mar-A-Lago after Stone’s wife was successfully treated for Stage 4 cancer. Stone has specifically denied any contact with Trump on or around January 6th.

The Washington Post has reported that three separate sources have confirmed that Stone was not involved in the efforts lead by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to delay certification of the Electoral College results by the US Senate.

Reuters reported in March 2020 that Senior FBI officials had cleared Stone and InfoWars Commentator Alex Jones of any involvement in the conspiracy to cause the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, although ABC News and the Philadelphia Inquirer have both attempted to use guilt by association to tie Stone to those events.

“Any claim or assertion that I knew in advanced about, participated in or condoned any illegal activity on January 6 at the capitol, or on any other day at any other location is categorically false, and there is no evidence whatsoever to the contrary” Stone said at the time. Documentary Filmmaker Christoffer Guldbrandsen conceded in an interview with CNN that nothing in his film contradicted Stone’s claim.

Melber said in broadcast last night that “the FBI was interested,” in the documentary footage from ‘A Storm Foretold,” and the Washington Post reported that the DOJ sent a representative to Denmark to review almost 20,000 hours of film last year.

In his desperation, Melber has resorted to bald-faced lies and the use of cleverly manipulated and artificially created video in his effort to smear Stone.

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