Congressional Candidate: Make Illegals Pay For Wall



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According to a press release, congressional candidate Scott Sturgill plans to make illegal immigrants pay for the wall if elected to Congress this November.

Calling it his “Mix-The-Mortar-to-Fix-The-Border” plan, the legislation will force every adult undocumented immigrant to pay a fee of $2,000 that will go towards building a border wall with “big, shiny solar panels.”

Sturgill calls it a “Mortar Mixing Fee” to pay “restitution for their crime against American sovereignty.”

Officially titled “The American Sovereignty Restoration Act”, the candidate’s plan would also fund more stringent enforcement on the border and secure funding for an expansion of ICE.

“The Democrats want to abolish ICE- I want to double it,” says Sturgill. “And the people in our country illegally should be paying for it, not hard-working, law-abiding taxpayers. This plan will not cost actual Americans a dime. The illegals broke it, so they should pay for it. My plan will save billions on welfare, education, enforcement, prosecution, adjudication, and incarceration going forward.”

It would permanently ban illegals from ever seeking amnesty or a path to citizenship. “American citizenship is a privilege,” Sturgill argues, “not an entitlement. The point here is ultimately about security, knowing exactly who is in our country. Immigration should be safe, legal, and merit-based.”

Mr. Sturgill’s announcement comes weeks after longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone endorsed his candidacy and days after he received the endorsement of Florida Right to Life.

The campaign began running several television ads during primetime on Fox News late last month in what a campaign spokesperson described as a “substantial” ad buy that will run through the August 28th primary.

In one of the ads, Sturgill hinted at his plan to make illegals pay for the wall, which can be seen below.

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