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By Roger Stone
September 11th, 2023

Artificial intelligence may be a greater danger in the disinformation war of politics than internet censorship. A manipulated video that utilizes deepfake technology to create an audio track in which I allegedly call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, is making the rounds.

As you can see, the video in question is extremely unsophisticated and, for the most part, you cannot actually see me saying the words attributed to me. That’s because I never said them.

The world has gotten very complicated since the development of AI and advanced computing.

Today we have AI fakes for fun, AI art, AI voice-tools, and advanced computing programs, as well as deepfake tools which have taken what used to be easy proof, simple receipts and turned it into a world of doubt.

Look at these examples of politically-generated deepfakes and you can see how realistic they are. An unsuspecting person could easily be fooled.

What complicated the playing field even further is that when you combine manual manipulation of the video with an AI-generated voice track, the fraud becomes even harder to identify.

Standard current AI research tools will not identify the completed product as an AI deepfake, as the coding has been changed enough to confuse the AI program because of the manual application involved in the video editing. Once multiple layers of compression are added, the metadata is no longer able to be inspected without the original uncompressed copy. Those claiming that AI detection software does not confirm this video as a deepfake, are flawed because the imagery is real and not AI-created, but has simply been manipulated. The technology utilized specifically does not address the question of the origins of the audio track.

Attention to detail is your best tool as an investigator when examining the video in which I most implausibly call for the impeachment of the President I urged to run for over thirty years, and to whom I owe my pardon when I was framed by Robert Mueller in the Russian Collusion Witch-hunt, for lying under oath to Congress about “Russian collusion” and WikiLeaks collaboration which never actually happened.

To examine the deepfake video being used to question my loyalty to President Trump, I utilized three separate technology tools:

· DOD Data Contractor – Expert in Metadata and data manipulation.

· Forensic Video Expert.

· The Big Mig Team (George Balloutine & Lance Migliaccio), whose frame by frame analysis further reveals that the video images which were shot in a moving car have been manipulated.

Many social media influencers who allege that they are in the know have used this video as a way to discredit me. None of them have conducted the kind of intensive examination that I commissioned. They used this clip as clickbait without worrying about the potential consequences.

It is not new to any of us that leaders of the America First movement like General Michael Flynn, Kash Patel, and others, are attacked over and over again. What is new is the amount of sophistication being put into these attacks.

These same individuals then use some off-the-shelf deepfake detection tools to look at the video in order to discredit my claim that it is a fraud, without taking into consideration the very disclaimers by those offering these technology tools, that they cannot be used on videos that have involved manual manipulation and are only valid for computer-driven AI videos.

What I discovered was that the video that is being used to discredit me has been compressed multiple times. Given that there is no way to scrape the original metadata, these compressions make detecting the original metadata impossible.

The DOD contractor I commissioned attemped to find an original copy online both domestically and internationally, and was unsuccessful. This is not really surprising.

Supporters of mine decided to hire a forensic video expert to conduct an investigation parallel to a frame by frame analysis of the video. The expert retained is the Senior Digital Forensic Analyst at Emet Forensics. This company does work for global corporations, multiple governments, and private individuals—they are both experienced and credible. Additionally, Lance Migliaccio and George Balloutine spent almost forty-eight hours conducting a frame by frame analysis which identified the manipulation of the video in an attempt to match it to the AI-created audio tracks.

As you can see in this comprehensive video, imagery around my mouth has been very substantially manipulated, as has the background. Incredibly, the same cloud floats by the moving car twice, which in reality, of course, doesn’t really happen. Additionally, an inspection sticker in the car window appears, disappears, and then reappears.

If you have any doubt whatsoever that this video is an illogical fraud, take the time to watch this analysis video which includes additional frame by frame analysis. Sadly, those promulgating this phony attack on me claim to be America First supporters of President Donald Trump. Their motives and funding sources remain murky.

The entire narrative this video attempts to create is entirely illogical. If I were going to turn on my friend of 45-years, President Trump, wouldn’t I have done so under the relentless pressure of Robert Mueller for me to falsely testify against the President in return for leniency in my sentencing, when I was convicted in a Soviet-style show trial in Washington D.C.?

The fact remains that I am a strong and committed supporter of President Donald Trump and believe that his return to the White House is the only way this Nation will be saved.

I am particularly proud of the President’s remarks about me here:

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