Election Hacking: “The Russians Did It! The Russians Did It!”



Roger Stone

Hillary Clinton ran a 1980s-style campaign based on identity politics and it never knew how to connect with most Americans. The Russians had no role in her horrible campaign. The Russians did not force Hillary to ignore swing states. The Russians did not force the DNC to rig the primary in favor of a candidate with absolutely no charisma. The Russians did not force John Podesta plus dozens of Democratic Party leftist operatives to write truths in their emails about Clinton that they could never permit the American people to read.

The Clinton campaign’s use of social media was a total failure, a wasteland compared to the massive presence Trump commanded. The Russians had nothing to do with that either. Hillary’s left, who jumped up and down swearing that the election could never be hacked weeks earlier when they thought they were going to win, decided only after they lost that the election had been hacked by the Russians.

I, myself, was the intended victim of an outlandish Russian hacking conspiracy fantasy. The White House and its press servants accused me of informing Trump that the Russians hacked the DNC. No such conversation ever took place. President Obama knew the content of Clinton’s emails all along, yet started a baseless accusation that I had colluded with Russian hackers. I had strictly an arms-length relationship with Julian Assange. Many of the items that would’ve been leaked were known to have existed for years. Chief among them were instances of Podesta’s corruption. He knew, as I did, that they would eventually surface.

The post-election attack on me by Podesta was simply recycled from before the election. Unable to hide the embarrassing content of his emails, which included allusions to nauseating Satanic rituals, Podesta desperately thrashed about, trying anything and everything he could do, including lying, to discredit the leak itself. Unable to find a connection between Trump, Assange and the Russians, he invented one, arguing not only that the Russians stole the election, but that the Russians stole the election with my help. Not a single shred of evidence was ever produced, but some leaders in the intelligence community said what they were told. CIA Director Brennan, for example, who owned the security company that broke into State Department files to sanitize Barack Obama’s passport records prior to the 2008 election, claimed he was sure that the Russians hacked our election.

So, not only did the far-left Democrats pulling the strings in the Obama administration politicize the IRS and the Department of Justice, they even succeeded with John Brennan’s appointment to politicize the CIA. The mainstream media, the White House, Podesta, and the CIA failed in their outrageous accusation toward me just as they failed in the election. They treated us, the American people, like we are stupid, while Trump treated voters as equals.

Podesta desperately tried to use one of my own tweets as some sort of proof. I had pointed out that anyone, including the Russians, could have hacked Hillary’s insecure, homemade email server. That her homemade email server was vulnerable to foreign attack was a major point of attack on Clinton. The Left and the mainstream media Clintonistas laughed at it for many months before Podesta signaled to switch to the narrative that the Russians had hacked emails between Clinton and the DNC and that I was somehow involved. As I told the press before the election, I was happy to speak with the FBI but they never contacted me. The intelligence community under President Obama cannot even agree among themselves. Despite the press smokescreen smear of this author’s name, not a single shred of proof was ever offered by anyone.

John Podesta’s claim that my tweets somehow proved both my advance knowledge of the WikiLeaks hacking of his email account and the subject matter of the ultimate disclosures, is an example of claiming 2+2=6.

My specific tweet, saying “it will soon be Podesta’s time in the barrel,” needs to be seen in context. I posted this at a time when Podesta and his allies were savaging Paul Manafort with a series of leaks and false claims regarding his business activities in Ukraine. I knew from my own research that Podesta had been involved in money laundering for the Clinton Foundation and the Russian Mob. My tweet was a specific reference to an article I posted online on StoneColdTruth.com on October 13. It’s important to note that none of the information regarding Podesta’s activities in this article comes from WikiLeaks in their subsequent releases. The two are not connected.

I candidly admitted that Julian Assange and I shared a mutual friend who told me that Assange was in possession of “unspecific political dynamite” that would “adversely affect the Clinton campaign.” The claim that I knew the specific subject matter of the subsequent WikiLeaks disclosures or that I had special knowledge of the timing of these disclosures is false, although the media generally expected a major release by Assange on October 5. In fact, Assange had already said on the record that he had information that was potentially politically damaging for Hillary Clinton. Instead, on the fifth, he announced there would be disclosures for each of the following ten weeks.

The entire “Stone knew” theme that Podesta repeated on CNN before the election (once again with CNN affording me no opportunity to respond) and then, along with other Clintonistas, recycled after the election, was as false after the election as it was before.

In fact, the entire “Russians hacked the election” media frenzy led by CNN and the New York Times was, and will always be, an utterly false narrative. A close examination of the intelligence services heads’ testimony before Senator John McCain’s Armed Services Committee show that the CIA’s claim that Putin had personally directed an effort to hack and influence the American election was based on an “assessment” of the agency and that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee had been “briefed,” meaning that no one had yet seen actual evidence of the claimed Russian hacking.

Speaking about a special report by the intelligence services on January 7, 2017 the New York Post reported:

“No evidence was presented to back up that conclusion, [that the Russian’s had hacked the Democrats] with officials saying that information had to remain secret. This document’s conclusions are identical to the highly classified assessment, but this document does not include the full supporting information, or provide specific intelligence on key elements of the influence campaign.”

However, there is evidence that the DNC emails were, in fact, leaked by disgusted whistleblowers coming from within the Democrat Party itself, rather than from any external government. Former British Ambassador Craig Murray told a British newspaper that he flew to Washington, DC, to personally receive some of the leaks and they were not provided by Russians. Moreover, it defies reason that Putin, whose origin is the old USSR, would work against the candidate who gave him a sweetheart deal on our uranium—namely Hillary Clinton. All this in conjunction with Canadian penny-stock-jock Frank Giustra pouring millions into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation—in favor of the party that brought the USSR to its knees under President Ronald Reagan.

Hillary Clinton was the war candidate; Trump was the peace candidate. It is just that simple. When President Trump has cleaned house of the Obama and Clinton cronies infesting the CIA, he can certainly investigate these bizarre theories if he so chooses, but those who know him well are confident that his top most priority will always be the safety and security of United States and its people.

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