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Globalism Can Meet Its Waterloo: An 8-point Plan

Originally published in Newsmax by Scott Powell.

What about making 2023 a turning point in the United States, after two years of spiraling degeneration and confusion under the Biden administration?

A regime only delivering a myriad of policies doing more harm than good for America.

We’ve gone awry in large part because of the deceit and encroachment of the Deep State and globalists whose influence has weakened and neutered the U.S. Constitution. 

Among the most visible and influential globalist organizations is the World Economic Forum (WEF), which just completed its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Reviewing the Biden administration’s policies and forward-looking priorities, it’s self-evident that there is a close correlation with the WEF agenda.

For instance, consider:

  • The Biden open border policy — resulting in an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants, drugs, and human trafficking crossing our southern border — burdens taxpayers and weakens national sovereignty.
  • Fear mongering over CO2 emissions and the alleged related climate apocalypse has diminished America’s competitive advantage in oil and gas production while driving greater reliance on more expensive and less reliable alternatives, such as wind and solar power, resulting in the loss of U.S. energy independence.
  • The violation of American citizens’ First Amendment Rights by U.S. government agencies’ overriding influence and manipulation of media and social media for the purpose of controlling the public narrative, affecting elections, and suppressing and cancelling contradicting views.
  • The usurpation of parental authority over their children by government authorities.
  • The push to surrender control of U.S. healthcare policy to the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).
  • The plan to regulate digital assets and develop central bank digital currencies (CBDC) established by Biden’s Executive Order 14067.

American citizens need to hold the majority party of the 118th Congress accountable for bringing about correctives for all of these. But it’s also time for Americans to take action against the globalist agenda at all levels of government.

When citizens act on their own or in concert with others in a few commonsense ways, we can affect course corrections on local school boards, in city, county and state governments, as well as at the national level, such as stopping U.S. government officials from participating in the WEF globalist agenda.

We can hold their feet to the fire of restoring and upholding Constitutional rule. 

Here is an eight-point plan to get started:

First, because Americans believe it is essential to have an accountable representative government, borders and our national sovereignty must be upheld and protected.

The present open borders policy of the Biden administration and the WEF vision and plan for a borderless world must be rejected by Congress.

Second, there may be no greater threat to American citizens’ freedom and privacy than the establishment of a central bank digital currency for it would empower government control over peoples’ spending — politicizing the economy, resulting in social control, and unequal treatment of people.

Americans need to let their representatives know they won’t accept a central bank digital currency or any tracking and control technologies and systems, including those embedded in credit cards.

Third, Americans need to refuse any authorization of “digital identity,” on the simple grounds that it facilitates the abuse of government power over the sovereignty of the people.

Fourth, citizens need to inform both local, state and U.S. congressional authorities that initiatives that violate people’s autonomy in their personal healthcare choices, whether it be mandatory vaccination, mRNA vaccines, the bodily insertion of microchips or Internet of Bodies (IoB) technologies, such as brain-cloud interfaces won’t be tolerated.

Fifth, Americans need to make it clear to government, at all levels, that there can be no compromise about the primacy of parental rights over children.

Parents should band together to remove from office anyone who would usurp parental authority with government control. Concurrently, the public must be educated in this regard. 

Sixth, Americans should cease business relationships with ESG reporting investment banks, funds, and insurance companies. They should transfer investments into non-ESG reporting investment banks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) politicizes the flow of and access to funds; thus shifting the efficient allocation of capital based on free market supply and demand signals from the masses who comprise the majority, to the politically driven preferences and priorities of elites — who comprise a small minority.

Seventh, people need to organize with like-minded people committed to election integrity and work to support uniform rules on voter ID and secure custody of ballots on election day, with preference for paper ballots, a prohibition of ballot harvesting and prescribed limitations on mail-in ballots.

Eighth, American people need to cutoff or rearrange their patronage of these five institutional segments: Big Tech, Big Finance, Big Pharma, Big Academia, and Big Government. They purvey Deep State influence, and undermining U.S. sovereignty and citizens’ rights.

They also advance globalism and citizen subservience.

The Freedom Caucus leadership of the 118th Congress has a platform that includes strengthening the domestic economy, putting American interests first above global interests, strengthening law and order, and exposing Deep State corruption.

The American people must hold their congressional representatives accountable to deliver on that agenda and more.

It’s more than clear, the people more so than the elite in America, are the light determined to expose corruption and expel darkness.

Even if progress in this regard is arduous, never underestimate the benefit from diminishing harm and strengthening good.

An improved moral stature in the U.S. bolsters the rule of law and the conduct of domestic affairs, deters our enemies, while providing hope and an example to friends and onlookers elsewhere.

Scott S. Powell, a member of the Committee on the Present Danger: China and senior fellow at Discovery Institute, is the author of “Rediscovering America,” a new release in the history genre. You may reach him at Read Scott S. Powell’s Reports — More Here.

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