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Here is How to Support the Pro-Trump Michigan Electors Facing Felony Charges for Opposing Election Fraud



Here is how you can help those facing charges for standing up for President Trump.


Earlier this week, it was announced that 16 pro-Trump electors would be charged with multiple felony counts in the state of Michigan for refusing to go along with blatant election fraud and coronate illegitimate figurehead Joe Biden back in 2020.

If these individuals who held the line when it mattered most are convicted, they will spend the rest of their lives in prison and set the chilling precedent that opponents of any future election fraud can be locked up. The charges were announced by far-left Democrat attorney general Dana Nessel, who frequently made threats against election fraud whistleblowers in the past.

Several of the pro-Trump electors have established crowdfunding accounts to assist in their legal defense funds.

The legal defense fund for Marian Sheridan and Meshawn Maddock, who lead the unabashedly pro-Trump organization, the Michigan Conservative Coalition, can be accessed here.

“Meshawn Maddock and Marian Sheridan are everyday Americans, moms and grandmothers who love their country and are being targeted by their Democrat AG because they dared to support President Trump. To Dana Nessel, they are guilty of the crime of being effective political opposition. Without your support, they will spend years in prison while hardened criminals walk the streets,” their GiveSendGo states.

Another legal fund has been set up for 81-year-old Rose Rook, a great grandmother who is caught up in this overreaching probe.

“Rose Rook is an 81 year old patriot who loves the Constitution and the USA. Rose has been a hard working Republican for many years… It is clear there is a orchestrated effort to get Trump and his supporters, using this phony case to do it,” the GiveSendGo for Rook states.

Grand Blanc, Mich. school board member Amy Facchinello is another one of the electors who is facing life in prison because of the probe. Her legal defense fund can be accessed here.

“These charges are in addition to a civil lawsuit brought against the Republican Electors by the Democrat Electors who sued for “emotional distress” over the Alternate Slate being submitted. At the end of the day, this is political persecution and the weaponization of the Office of Attorney General,” Facchinello’s GiveSendGo states.

It is incumbent for patriots to support these individuals as they go through the brutal persecution. If these individuals are found guilty, this will set the worst precedent in American history against election integrity. Big League Politics will continue to update this list as more crowdfunding pages are made.



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