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How I surprisingly got reinstated on Twitter

This step-by-step technical guide will (hopefully) help anybody currently trying to get their account back by carefully following procedures laid out below, under Elon Musk’s Twitter amnesty.



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In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard — I am happy to say my Twitter account is back and growing at an insane rate. Within 24 hours I have rocketed from 198,000 followers to over 289,000 (and counting). This is to the chagrin of both the Left and neocon Right who are terrified of free speech.

Since being reinstated I have gotten thousands of text messages, emails, calls, and mentions from people with the same question:

How did you do it, and how can I get my account back?

The honest truth is I simply applied and followed the procedures laid out by the new management at Twitter. I lobbied no one and patiently waiting to see what would happen after making application for reinstatement. 

Needless to say can’t promise or predict that anyone will get their account back. That of course is up to Twitter themselves, and ultimately Elon Musk. With Musk actually walking the walk on his free speech commitment by unbanning me and others like President Donald Trump and Laura Loomer,  it appears you may have a chance if you apply properly and respectfully…

The process isn’t difficult … Yet I can’t tell you how many people have missed just one of those steps (step 5 usually), which ultimately sunk their appeal as it was incomplete.

Without further ado, here is what I did to get back on Twitter:

Step 1: Log into your suspended Twitter account.

Step 2: Go to the following link »

Step 3: Enter your account information. If you don’t have access to the email, go here for help.

Step 4: In the description of the problem, explain that you were suspended, and that under Elon Musk’s suspension amnesty, qualify for reinstatement. Below is what I wrote:

“I was suspended in October of 2017. Under Elon Musk’s announced suspension amnesty, I believe I qualify. I respectfully request to have my account reinstated.”

Step 5: Check your email for an automated message from Twitter support ( That message will ask you to reply to the email. You must do that.

Step 6: Wait … I know this is the hardest part. Just keep an eye out for an email like the one below!

Good luck! There are of course no guarantees but I must say that Elon Musk has treated me fairly and has proven his genuine commitment to broad free speech and objectivity. Musk has taken the slings and arrows of those who define “hate speech” as anything they disagree with and for that he should be commended.

Good luck! If you get back be sure to give me a follow if you aren’t already,

And be sure to share this with everyone you know who is currently suspended!


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