It’s A Roller Coaster Ride!



By Rich Scheck

Thousand Oaks, CA – The only thing clear about the Trump presidency is that things change very rapidly and dramatically, making any prediction very tentative about what is really happening. It’s a Roller Coaster Ride!

A great example is the sudden decision by President Putin to meet with Secretary of State Tillerson after days of increased tension in which such an encounter had been ruled out.

Even more surprising perhaps is Trump’s pronouncement that the US will “not be going into Syria” following last weeks airstrike and the surge of enthusiasm among the NeoCons that he would.

That decision validates those who believe the attack was a limited one-off designed to warn China and North Korea of the new president’s willingness to use force more aggressively than his predecessor. It also served to quiet the previously unceasing din of accusations that Trump was Putin’s puppet.

If that turns out to be the case than kudos to Trump for being more creative than reckless…even though this tactic was fraught with danger and the possibility our adversaries would misinterpret his intentions.

This is true even if his maneuver was based on knowing lies about Assad’s use of sarin gas, a highly dubious claim by Trump according to virtually everyone who has analyzed the situation other than those in the Main Stream Media and the president’s Administration.

No matter who turns out to be correct as to what actually happened with this sordid affair, my favorite part is how it revealed the repulsive, quasi-fascistic instincts of some on the left towards one of their own, Congresswoman Gabbard!

The good news is that this gutsy young Democrat has shown her courage and leadership skills. Gabbard is well positioned for a major role on the national political scene, conceivably as head of a third party anti-war movement.

It remains to be seen how all this will play out in the days ahead. It appears that those who wanted Trump to continue his wrecking ball ways after winning the election are destined to get what they want as his Roller Coaster presidency gains more momentum a mere 3 months into the start of his new Administration.

Hold onto your hats: wild ride ahead!




http://thewashingtonstandard.com/democrats-eat-tulsi-gabbard-attacked-not-blaming-assad-chemical-attack/ (please scroll down)

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