J20 Counter Protest: Why We Must Protect Our President-Elect



Dangerous agitators and violent paid protestors are promising to derail Donald J. Trump’s historic inauguration and we must stop them

By Roger Stone

Nearly a month after the voters soundly rejected the policies of #CrookedHillary, her billionaire buddies and mainstream media are concocting a violent protest during Trump’s inauguration.

Funded by Nazi war-criminal and liberal moneyman George Soros, leftist forces are promising that violent demonstrations will be carried out by paid protesters and others with anti-American leanings.

Just like the post-election protests that we have seen in the past few weeks in progressive bastions like Seattle and Los Angeles, these protesters are hellbent on destroying property and targeting our President-elect.

More so, they have stated that those attending the historic inauguration festivities will also be “fair game.”

And while we are expecting an extremely high level of security to protect the President and his guests, members of the Trump revolution need to organize a counter-protest.

Every member of the country that helped elect Donald J. Trump must now carry out the next step in the revolution to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

They must mark their calendar for #J20 (January 20th, 2017) and prepare to stand up in support of President-elect Trump.

By joining the #DefendTrump counter protest against agitators and paid actors, we will make it clear to the political and media establishment insiders that we have not abandoned the cause.

You will gather with thousands of Americans who are ready to show President-elect Trump that we have his back.

In doing so, we will squash this uprising from radical groups who are aiming to disrupt the democratic process.

We already defeated #CrookedHillary.

Now, we have to move on to the next battle. We must defeat these fanatical and well paid protesters.

To join the counter protest, visit DefendTrump.com.

See the #DisruptJ20 Newsletter for yourself:

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