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MOTOR-VOTER FRAUD 101: Exploiting NVRA – Enabling Non-Citizens to Vote



As states are permitted to design their own registration forms, it is well within the purview of Florida’s government officials – particularly the Secretary of State (SoS) – to design motor vehicle and voter registration forms that comply with Florida law and with our US Constitution. The current situation in Florida is a total mess.

By Roger Stone

In 1993, the ineffably corrupt and/or compromised and/or complicit (or just plain stupid) US Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)1, containing an intentional provision that could subsequently (and conveniently) be exploited to enable non-citizens to vote. Known as the “Motor-Voter Law,” this regulation requires that each driver license registration must serve as a simultaneous voter registration.

The inherent problem with this is that motor vehicle agencies are not required to verify US citizenship. While that issue could be addressed via state regulations, Florida state officials have been complicit in not taking the necessary steps to plug this cavernous hole.

As states are permitted to design their own registration forms, it is well within the purview of Florida’s government officials – particularly the Secretary of State (SoS) – to design motor vehicle and voter registration forms that comply with Florida law and with our US Constitution.

Pursuant to F.S. 97.052(1), Uniform statewide voter registration application – the law states, “The department shall prescribe by rule a uniform statewide voter registration application for use in this state.” (Emphasis added.)

F.S. 97.052(2) goes on to state:

The uniform statewide voter registration application must be designed to elicit the following information from the applicant…

…(s) Whether the applicant is a citizen of the United States by asking the question “Are you a citizen of the United States of America?” and providing boxes for the applicant to check to indicate whether the applicant is or is not a citizen of the United States.”4

In its hardcopy format, the Florida Voter Registration Form5 (see Figure 1) explicitly asks the question, “Are you a citizen of the United States of America?” and provides the boxes for the individual to check “Yes” or “No.”

Unfortunately, this form is not given to the unsuspecting person applying for, or renewing, a Florida driver license. Instead, the electronic form used by motor vehicle agencies – which serves as the simultaneous voter registration – does NOT ask this mandatory and vital question, as evidenced in Figures 2 and 3 below, from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) Training Manual 6.7.

By the way, you won’t find the current Florida Voter Registration Form on the Florida Department of State (FDoS) website, RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov8 or on the FDoS Division of Elections’ (DoE) publications and forms site9 because the site still has the 2013 version of the form, even though page 2 of the PDF shows a revision date of 9/14/2020.10 There’s a second PDF posted to the DoE’s publications site with a revision date of 04/2022; however, that also has the obsolete nine-year-old form dated 2013.

Figure 1

Motor-Voter Fraud 101 (Rev. 01) Page 1 of 2, 2 of 2.

Motor-Voter Fraud 101 (Rev. 01) Page 3 of 2

Figure 2

(Red marking added; disregard black oval, it’s part of the graphic and couldn’t be removed.)

Figure 3

(Red marking added; disregard black circle, it’s part of the graphic and couldn’t be removed.)

Motor-Voter Fraud 101 (Rev. 01) Page 4 of 2

It is blatantly clear that, not only are these forms not uniform, the DHSMV form is missing the most critical Florida Statute-required question: “Are you a citizen of the United States of America?”

Additionally, Figure 412 below is a copy of the receipt that’s generated after the Voter Registration form has been submitted. Per the Florida Division of Elections (FDoE), the data is uploaded via a nightly batch job to the Department of State (DoS)

Figure 4

How is the value of a field, that’s missing from the input form, being stored in a table and then passed to an upstream system to ultimately produce a registration receipt, populated with “YES” in a field that was missing from the input screen?

Motor-Voter Fraud 101 (Rev. 01) Page 5 of 2

Decades of election experience tell me that’s not possible, unless the data in that field is being derived and auto-populated – which means that each time one of the voter registration forms is saved and/or submitted to the DoS, a law is being broken.

Each time. Each…and every…time.

In Figure 5 below, how many violations occurred at the DHSMV, just since 2018?

Got a calculator handy? No worries, here ya go…it’s 2,220,315 violations since 2018 alone.

Figure 5 – Number of voter registrations processed by each agency

Florida Division of Elections, Voter Registration – Method and Location (data updated: Jun. 30, 2022) reports/voter-registration-method-and-location/ (website updated Jul. 21, 2022).

Who is overseeing this process, and who is accountable for these repetitive unlawful acts? Are these irresponsible parties aware that submitting false information on a voter registration form is a third-degree felony?

And in what compromising position is that putting an unsuspecting customer, who is asked to sign an illegal document, affirming its content?

Freedom to choose means options are laid out in front of you; and, if you decide to select one, the opportunity is there to do so. But that’s not what’s happening in this pressurized process.

The customer is not given a blank slate from which to decide – the voter registration form is automatically generated by default, and the customer (most likely, unknowingly) has to take the initiative to opt-out – which probably rarely happens. It’s like walking up to a colleague at work, taking his stapler off his desk, and as you turn to walk away with it, you ask, “Is it okay if I borrow your stapler?” What’s he going to say, “No, bring it back?” Your colleague would be responding from disadvantaged position, and would be following your lead (undue influence). Unless it was his wallet you whisked away, he likely would submit rather than question or object.

Motor-Voter Fraud 101 (Rev. 01) Page 6 of 2

While the DHSMV training guide15 acknowledges F.S. 97.058 (see Figure 6), it also disregards the pressure being put on the customer by the aggressive approach of automatically processing the voter registration and forcing him or her to have to speak up and opt-out.

That is the epitome of “undue influence” – gaining control over a victim’s decision- making through tactics and unfair pressure.

Figure 6

Another question that arises as a consequence of this aggressive “everyone needing to register” approach is, “How many green card holders are being swept up in this cattle drive?” because it appears that legal green card holders are being corralled-in and registered to vote.

● Is anyone cross-referencing the voter rolls with green card holders in Florida to ensure that only US Citizens are voting in our elections?

● Are you aware that this is currently going on in Florida right now?

● Is this also happening to people, who are being registered to vote at the other state agencies that serve as voter registration sites?

Documents received from the local SoE, via a FOIA request, revealed there were ZERO non- citizens removed from the rolls. When asked why, the SoE replied, “The [DMV] checks that.”Wait… What?… Who is the SoE relying on for verification of voter information?

Motor-Voter Fraud 101 (Rev. 01) Page 7 of 2

The DHSMV’s own training manual (see Figure 7) says they don’t even know if a person is already registered to vote, so “go by what customer says.”

Figure 7

Well, that strikes a vote of confidence in the hearts of all citizens, doesn’t it? (No pun intended.)

The Division of Elections, currently led by Director, Maria Matthews, Esq., is almost entirely in control of our elections; however, the Division of Elections reports to the Florida Secretary of State, ultimately making the Secretary of State the chief elections officer – which means…the Secretary of State is responsible to ensure that non-citizens are not registered to vote.

Is it truly feasible that not a single person in this entire chain of command had any knowledge whatsoever of all of these flaws in the system and all these illegal acts being perpetrated?

This is fraud at the most basic level! It’s unacceptable, and needs to be addressed NOW. Florida citizens deserve answers, and demand immediate action!


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