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MSNBC Airs Ridiculous Segment Smearing Roger Stone With Fake Video



Roger Stone smeared on MSNBC

By Troy Smith

MSNBC host Ari Melber aired yet another segment on political icon and Trump advisor Roger Stone tonight on his show. We covered Melber’s dishonest attempt to smear Roger Stone that occurred last Friday.

Just as he did on Friday, Melber aired clips from an unreleased documentary called ‘A Storm Foretold,’ this evening. In our analysis of Melber’s last segment on Roger Stone, we highlighted the fact that the release of this footage is mired in legal problems, as the filmmakers have reportedly not obtained signed releases from those involved in the film. Stone has also accused the filmmakers of using selective editing, and using AI to falsify a number of scenes in the film.

It appears that MSNBC aired a number of these AI falsified clips on Melber’s program tonight. During Melber’s latest segment on Roger Stone, several clips are shown in which we hear “Roger Stone”, but we do not see his mouth moving. We never actually see proof that the words being spoken are actually coming from Stone.

One scene shows Stone walking with an associate. We hear a voice say, “Let’s get right to the violence.” Though we hear a voice, we do not see Stone’s mouth making the words, as he is wearing a mask. The clip is brief, only lasting a mere two seconds. Considering Stone has publicly stated that there has been a falsification of many scenes in the film using AI voices, this clip is highly suspicious. Of course, many of the clips used by Ari Melber in his latest segment share the same circumstances. We hear a voice, but do not see Roger Stone actually talking.

In fact CNN aired a version of the clip of Stone allegedly advocating violence with a completely different visual of a camera bouncing around wildly, which the network claimed was “leaked from the January 6 Committee,” but the version they showed in their public hearing had an entirely different visual in which Stone’s mouth is obscured by a COVID mask.

In another clip shown by Melber tonight on MSNBC, Roger Stone is not even on video for the quote. We see a group of individuals sitting by a TV watching Trump speak on January 6th. We then hear a voice say, “That’s why they lost. They don’t know what they’re doing.” No context, or proof that Stone ever said those words are ever presented. Melber simply presents the presumably doctored and edited tapes as ‘proof’.

See Melber’s latest segment on Roger Stone below..

Stone stated on his Twitter feed that the footage used by Melber in the segment above, “had all the hallmarks of Danish disinformation.’ See Stone’s statement on the segment posted to Twitter below…

Melber and MSNBC aren’t alone in their obsessive attempts to publicly defame Roger Stone. Former U.S Solicitor General Neal Katyal insists Stone was a bridge between “the militias” and Trump’s inner circle, without any scintilla of evidence that this was the case. In fact, the FBI cleared Stone of this claim in February according to Reuters.

It appears as if MSNBC and Ari Melber are enraged by the fact that Roger Stone was not indicted in Fulton County, Georgia, and are doing everything within their power, even airing falsified clips, to make themselves feel better about it.

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