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“Poor Joe Biden’s Not in Control of Anything, Maybe Even – His Own Bowels” – Interview with Roger Stone

Hoft Show with Roger Stone

By Joe Hoft and Roger Stone

Roger Stone joined the Joe Hoft Show on TNT Radio on Friday and covered a number of topics from JFK to the 2024 Election.

Roger Stone has a wealth of knowledge from his many years in politics going back to the Nixon Administration. The Deep State and criminal DOJ persecuted him during President Trump’s years in office. He’s still under duress as he’s now involved in 11 cases from the evil Deep State, down from 17.

Despite all this Stone is upbeat and offers his thoughts freely on various topics.

Stone weighed in on Twitter and its now-known connections with the Deep State FBI at the 18:20 minute mark:

Well, Twitter of course Joe, is ultimately the source of the 2-year ordeal that my wife and I were put through simply because I set a Google News Alert for WikiLeaks and for Julian Assange. And for my own personal Twitter account, I accurately predicted based on things Assange had actually said based on interviews that WikiLeaks had obtained a substantial amount of information regarding Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee and that they would drop it during the fall of 2016.

Next Stone discussed the egregious actions taken in his case in Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s court. Sadly, there are some, thanks to the corrupt media in the US who still believe that Stone was involved in Russia collusion.

I would say that the invention of the Russian collusion hoax was both an offensive and defensive tactic by the Democrats. It was Hillary Clinton who sold the Russians control of most of this country’s uranium supply…

In order to bury that, they turned around and created the bogus Russia collusion lie.

Which means I was actually charged with lying about things that never actually ever happened.

When asked about who is really running the country:

I make now bones about it. I believe that former President Barack Obama is the single most important person in the country today….all of Biden’s top staffers and advisors came out of the Obama Administration…

It is very clear, poor Joe Biden he’s not in control of anything, maybe even control of his own bowels for that matter.

Stone went on to mention the story from Biden’s visit with the Pope where he reportedly changed clothes because he had an accident.

Next Roger discussed the 2024 election and how Governor DeSantis is the establishment candidate. He will be challenged because of this. He admits he’ll be a formidable candidate but also notes that his actions in Florida will receive more scrutiny as a result. Overall Stone thinks President Trump has the base but DeSantis will try to sound like Trump and he has a lot of establishment money.

Stone went on to discuss why they can’t run together because of electoral college rules. Then Stone went on the discuss the coups against JFK and Richard Nixon.

Stone wrote a book indicating LBJ was behind the Kennedy assassination, “The Man Who Killed Kennedy”.

The same people involved in the Kennedy assassination were involved in the Nixon coup. Four of the Watergate burglars were also onsite at the Kennedy assassination.

John Dean was involved in both the Nixon coup and the Trump coup.

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