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ROGER STONE: New Jersey RINO US Representative Chris Smith Faces Challenge After Trump Calls Him Out

Stone Cold Truth Roger Stone

by Roger Stone

US Representative and RINO Chris Smith is in hot water after voting for Biden’s Green New Deal Infrastructure bill.  What was he thinking?

The future of the America First movement is on the line in states and congressional districts across the nation.

But nowhere is this fight more crystallized than in New Jersey’s Fourth Congressional District where 41-year swamp creature Chris Smith is seeking his twenty-second term in Congress.  (First elected to Congress in 1980.)

Smith, (RINO-VA), who ostensibly represents the Garden State, moved to Virginia decades ago and even paid in-state tuition for his children to attend Virginia state schools.

But now, after decennial redistricting, Smith is scrambling to set up what will be fake residency within the new boundaries of the Fourth District — a +23 Trump district — and the most conservative district in the Northeast United States.

Voters along the Jersey Shore delivered President Trump a massive margin of votes in 2020 and they’re quickly learning that Swamp Creature Smith is not the kind of Republican they prefer.

His recent record is atrociously liberal.  In fact, it’s so bad that Smith has failed the political courage test every year since 2010.  And in just the last few years, he has voted:

  • – against the Second Amendment,
  • – for amnesty for illegals
  • – for vaccine mandate databases,
  • – for drafting our daughters into the military,
  • – for the January 6 Witch Hunt Commission, and
  • – for Biden’s massive Green New Deal fake infrastructure bill

It’s this last vote, in which Smith helped throw President Biden a lifeline, that led President Trump to call for Smith’s defeat in the upcoming Republican Primary.

Enter Mike Crispi, a conservative millennial who has made his mark in business and America First media covering everything from patriotic Trump rallies to Antifa riots that outlets like CNN and the New York Times ignore.

In just four weeks, Crispi has gained enormous momentum in the race and forced Smith’s establishment allies to alter the rules for upcoming county conventions to try to disadvantage Mike and prop-up Smith.

But the establishment’s electoral shenanigans will fail.  RINO party leaders don’t truly appreciate — or even worse, they reject — the Republican base’s appetite for courageous, bold, conservative leadership in Congress.

Mike Crispi brings the energy, enthusiasm, and determination to take on and defeat Smith in the nation’s marquee match-up between a broken-down, four-decade RINO from the DC Swamp and a true America First conservative from Seaside Park.

Conservative donors, America First journalists, and political observers will do well to support, cover, and watch Mike Crispi in his race to take out RINO Chris Smith who has lost touch with his district and let down our country.

To Support Mike Crispi’s America First Campaign click HERE!

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