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Roger Stone on Tom Barrack’s Persecution



Tom Barrack, the successful operator of the real estate investment opportunity funds, Colony Capital – and one of President Donald Trump’s oldest and closest friends – was charged with illegal lobbying on behalf of the UAE by the Biden Department of Justice. Barrack served as Co-Finance Chairman for Trump’s campaign as Chairman of the Inaugural Committee for the 45th President.

Reviewing the indictment, however, I cannot find any evidence that Barack was compensated to lobby on their behalf. The Biden DOJ contends that major, and perfectly proper, investments from entities in the Middle East are his compensation but fails to prove any investment was made in return for Barrack discussing his own views on the Middle East which included advocating for the Abraham Accords. The Government has proof of no quid pro quo

Given his Lebanese descent, and many successful business transactions in the Middle East, Barrack naturally favors a more even-handed policy towards all Middle Eastern allies.  It was clearly his personal opinion that he advanced with the President as our Constitution allows under the First Amendment.

The charges against Barrack are shown to be politically motivated by the DOJ’s handling of two other prominent Americans who lobbied for foreign powers without filing under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Democrat super-lobbyist Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary’s campaign Chairman John Podesta, and of course Presidential son Hunter Biden. 

Neither has been prosecuted, never mind being the targets of an FBI raid, for the crime of lobbying on behalf of a foreign nation. Even whenever the DOJ does go after violators, those not registering under FARA are usually identified and punished with a fine and a required ‘late’ filing. The DOJ has weaponized its discretion on who to target under the Foreign Agents Registration Act in order to punish political opponents.

Paul Manafort was paid  by the Ukrainian government who it appears funneled money into a nonprofit vehicle that Manafort used for lobbying US government officials. Democrat super-lobbyist Tony Podesta- hired by Manafort, was also paid by the Ukrainians and effectively lobbied on their behalf. Manafort was charged and served prison time, Tony Podesta was not. They both took money from the exact same vehicle to do the exact same job without filing a Foreign Agent’s Registration the difference? Political affiliation. Contextualized as such, it is obvious the pursuit of real estate investor, and entrepreneur, Tom Barrack, for “lobbying” Is a politically motivated hit job.

Prosecuting Tom Barrack, while Hunter Biden has been selling the influence of his father to the Ukrainians, the Chinese, and anyone else interested in bribing a public official, makes a mockery of “equal justice under the law.”  

Hunter Biden even admitted that he was holding 10% for the “Big Guy,” this is the double standard under which Republicans and Trump supporters are prosecuted for minor crimes while the Clinton and Obama inner circles loot millions, lie to Congress, and go unpunished.

Even worse, Barrack’s arrest in his LA office complete with handcuffs reminded me very much of the morning the 29 FBI agents in full swat year, night goggles, and fully automatic M-4 assault rifles stormed my home when I was charged with the first time, non-violent, white-collar crime of lying to Congress. 

Robert Mueller’s thugs couldn’t resist leaking my arrest to CNN. Andrew Weissman should have remembered to remove the meta-data tags from the copy of my – still sealed – indictment a CNN sent my attorney 16 minutes after I was arrested. The leaking of an impending arrest or search warrant is a felony.

 Barrack was not a flight risk but if he quietly turned himself it would not have generated the anti-Trump headlines they wanted. This is the same FBI that thoughtfully tossed a raincoat over Jeffrey Epstein’s handcuffs so the serial child rapist wouldn’t be embarrassed.

The reason the symbol of justice is blindfolded is to exemplify the importance of objectivity when evaluating evidence, determining guilt, and prescribing punishment. If that blindfold is lifted, if personal, political, or ideological bias is allowed to enter the deliberation process, justice has been corrupted. 

Not only has the Biden Department of Justice ripped the blindfold off, but they have also discarded all procedural or constitutional protections and now proceed based solely on their target political affiliation. Justice is no longer possible for either side, one is punitively punished the other is released scot-free.

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