Roger Stone: President Trump Won the 2020 Election

How did polls show low support for the President with huge evidence to the contrary?



President Donald J. Trump staged the greatest political comeback in history to win the 2020 election- and now on the basis of a concerted effort to “find” additional ballots in the states where the President won narrowly or where results are unresolved, it is being stolen from him. 

The fake news media asks us to believe that Joe Biden, who had lost Michigan by 130,000 votes on election night somehow increased his total by 130,000 votes to win the state. Incredibly not a single one of these additional votes found by the counters went for Trump- a statistical and political impossibility.

First, let us recognize that the polls and the same fake news media told us repeatedly that the President was a certain loser and that Joe Biden had this won in a landslide. In fact, based on a Herculean act of stamina and guile Donald Trump fought his way back to contention and victory by dint of a super-human effort and by using his rallies with their huge attendance to prove the fake news narrative was just that, fake. The indigenous rise of boat parades, car and truck caravans, and rally turn-out proved that the President’s strength was being understated. How can the polls show low support for the President with this huge evidence to the contrary?

Donald Trump, by contrast, has stolen (or brilliantly rewritten) a page from the last landslide Republican president, Ronald Reagan, by bombarding Democrat strongholds with an upbeat message of hope and sunny optimism. The endlessly-energetic Trump laid out his impressive record and reassured voters that, contrary to Joe Biden’s gloomy and dour vision of a “Dark Winter” for America, telling voters ‘the best is yet to come.’

The President actually faced a much tougher race than he did in 2016. With the economic fallout of the Covid-19 shutdown, the President was the target of the most insidious corporate-owned (fake) media assault on a major party Presidential candidate in our history. The assault on Trump and his administration makes what they did to Barry Goldwater, the 1964 nominee, look like faint praise.

Unlike 2016 however, where candidate Trump was also viciously attacked, he had the “end round” of a growing, lively and robust internet platform from which to counter punch with great success. This year a comprehensive and outrageous campaign of censorship was put in place against conservatives, republicans, Christians, Trump supporters, and essentially anyone who is not a socialist on every large social media platform.  This made the vile attacks on the President far more damaging.  While the President complained about this assault on free speech and the illegality of this wall of censorship, his Justice Department, which essentially remains in the hands of the Deep State, never undertook serious antitrust action to solve this problem.

I believe that there are NOT nearly as many votes still outstanding and uncounted in Pennsylvania as the fake news media is reporting and that when the dust settles the President will win there.  My contacts through many years working with Senator Arlen Specter (whose JFK single-bullet theory is wrong but who was a great US Senator) and a good friend, have given me a comprehensive report.  The President will carry the Keystone State.

I also think he will prevail at the end of the day in Arizona where numerous fake news outlets have jumped the gun.  If the criteria the networks used to “call” Arizona were applied in North Carolina and Georgia, they should have been called for the President.  Donald Trump has staged the greatest political comeback in American history and he will be reelected without Michigan, Wisconsin, or Nevada, even though he won these states as well.

[ This article by Roger Stone originally appeared on Gateway Pundit

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