Rollins SuperPAC A Scam



By Roger Stone

There is no doubt that Donald Trump will need help from SuperPACs this fall. Hillary Clinton and her well-funded SuperPAC allies are preparing to spend $1 Billion on the most vituperative, negative smear campaign on Republican nominee Donald Trump. The one place Trump should not look for help is from veteran Republican Operative Ed Rollins or his Great America PAC where he was hired by Jessie Benton who ran both Ron and Rand Paul’s presidential campaign into the ground before getting convicted of bribing public officials in Iowa.

Rollins was largely a figurehead on Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Presidential campaign and has been a vocal longtime critic of Trump’s. Even worse, Rollins track record is troubling – in the only successful election of his career (other than Reagan) when Christie Todd Whitman was elected Governor of New Jersey, Rollins ended up before a grand jury probing his tactics to suppress the black vote.

I worked for Rollins in the 1984 Reagan campaign and although I was not impressed with him, we had a cordial relationship and he let me do my job in the North Eastern states for Ronald Reagan.

When Rollins published his ghostwritten biography with Thomas DeFrank, Bare Knuckles and Backrooms: My Life in American Politics, he savaged me in his book. Gloves off.

Today Rollins gets his paycheck from Teneo Strategies a Clinton created influence peddling shop.Ed works for a Clinton apparatchik. How could he be trusted to help Trump?

Ed’s habit of denigrating all of his clients attacking Christie Whitman, Michael Huffington, Mike Huckabee, Michelle Bachman, Katherine Harris and Bruce Bensen blaming them for his own failures is the most unprofessional act of a political consultant. It’s only a matter of time before Rollins is trashing Trump.

Those looking to help Trump should look elsewhere that the Great America PAC.

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