The Roger Stone Show: Salvatore Greco – Unmasking Double Standards in NYPD



Welcome back to, where politics intersect with the hard-hitting truths many shy away from. This week on the Roger Stone Show at 77 WABC, the Crown Jewel of AM Talk Radio, we peeled back layers of what could be a sprawling corruption scandal, and we confronted stark double standards within the NYPD.

In a city that never sleeps, the cost of public office runs high, rivaling the soaring skyscrapers of its skyline. Yet, it’s not just the alarming monetary price—it’s the potential price of integrity. The recent federal raid on a top fundraiser for Mayor Eric Adams spotlights this unease, where alleged foreign kickbacks to campaign funds raise serious legal questions. As always, in America, innocence prevails until proven otherwise, but the optics are damning.

However, the heart of our discussion focused on a personal story of double standards within the NYPD disciplinary system, as recounted by Salvatore Greco, a former NYPD officer and friend of mine. Greco’s career, spanning 14 years of unblemished service, was abruptly terminated for associations deemed prohibited by the NYPD Patrol Guide. This came despite Greco’s lack of involvement in criminal activities—a stark contrast to others in higher positions who’ve skirted similar rules with minimal consequences.

The narrative thickens when juxtaposed with the story of Eric Adams, who, before becoming mayor, provided security services to individuals with criminal pasts yet faced minimal repercussions within the NYPD—a starkly different outcome from Greco’s.

The question that hangs in the air, as dense as the New York fog, is one of consistency and fairness. Are the rules enforced uniformly, or do they bend under the weight of rank and political convenience? Greco’s case, compared to those ensconced in power, suggests a troubling dichotomy.

As the episode unfolded, Greco pointed out the lawsuit of Officer Jermak Romero, which highlights a history of alleged selective enforcement in disciplinary actions spanning three NYPD administrations. The issue is not just about one man’s career but about the integrity of the system that governs our law enforcement officials.

In closing, it’s worth pondering: How does a city as great as New York reconcile these disparities? What does it say about the pillars of justice and equal treatment under the law? In the Stone Zone, we chase these questions, unafraid of where they lead, because the truth—like the city we love—never sleeps.

Tune into the Roger Stone Show for more insights on politics, culture, and the objective truths we must confront. And remember, in a world of political spin, the Stone Zone is where the crystal clarity of hard facts cuts through.

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