Things Less Boring Than CNN’s McCain/Graham Town Hall



Listening to your Uncle talk about the complexities of last month’s Homeowners Association meeting just got real interesting.

By Jacob Engels

It would be hard to find two more boring Republicans than Lindsey Graham and John McCain in the United States congress.

That really means something, considering we have some of the most uninspiring legislators on the planet.

CNN’s follow up to an actually very interesting Sanders/Cruz debate is a nod to the Republican establishment and Deep State forces working around the clock to undermine President Trump.

Aside from that however, it could be the most boring thing to ever air on TV. More boring than The Ghost Whisperer, Joanie Loves Chachi, and PBS’ Antiques Roadshow.

As such, here are four things less boring than CNN’s McCain/Graham Town Hall that you might want to consider doing Wednesday night, which airs at 9PM.

1). Watching Paint Dry: Yes, this is an easy joke to make about boredom. But at least watching paint dry has room for excitement. Which part of the wall will dry first? Is this the right color? Did the guy at Home Depot really understand what you meant when you asked for a color that “really evoked the beauty of glacial runoff in Yosemite?” One of the most boring things anyone can do is more thought provoking and entertaining than the droning of endless war propaganda from McCain/Graham.

2). Antiques Roadshow: Don’t get me wrong, when it’s good… IT’S REALLY GOOD. However, those moments are few and far in between. Your chances of finding something interesting or engaging about what is being featured or discussed on AR are far greater than hoping for something you have not heard from McCain/Graham. Remember when Antique Roadshow viewers were shocked by a man’s “brave” trousers… it was riveting.

3). Reading The Minutes From Last Month’s Homeowners Association Meeting: At first glance you might think the debate over what hue of terra-cotta plant pots will be allowed in street facing plant beds could seem like a tremendous bore. But did you know there are at least 12 competing versions of terra-cotta to review? And that’s not even accounting for whether or not to allow textured or non-textured finishes on those pots. Already you can see how that could be more exciting than trying to watch a half-asleep John McCain whine about how he’s the only person qualified to speak on America’s behalf overseas? You’d think two failed presidential candidates and the last place rating CNN would have gotten the message by now… but apparently not.

4). Waiting For Your Car To Be Serviced: For most people, this is one of the most aggravatingly boring things to have to do. They tell you 45 minutes and then it ends up being 2 hours in a not really clean or welcoming waiting area. It gets so boring in fact that your phone dies and your sentenced to Maury rerun from the 90’s. At least with Maury you can find a side to root for, but who can really justify agreeing with limp-wristed GOP establishment losers like McCain/Graham.

I’m not sure what CNN executive thought up this idea of a McCain/Graham town hall, but they are continuing to miss the mark. The press and CNN in particular are viewed less favorably than members or congress and cockroaches.

They know this and their solution is to have the two most boring Republican members of congress host a two-hour town hall?

The establishment news media and establishment political class dictating to a country that is craving revolutionary solutions on both the Left and Right is tone-def and revealing.

Instead of trying something new, they rely on tired commentary from tired people, hosted by tired “journalists”.

Good luck with that CNN!

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