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Three Years Ago Today Roger Stone Was Arrested for a Fake Made-Up Crime by Twenty-Some FBI Agents at Gun Point



Stone Cold Truth Roger Stone FBI RAID

by Joe Hoft

This was one of the most disgusting events in US law enforcement history – Roger Stone was arrested in the early morning of January 25, 2019, after being ambushed at 6 am at his house in Florida by twenty-some FBI agents and CNN.  His crimes, related to Russian collusion which didn’t exist (and the investigators and prosecutors knew it), were made up. 

This occurred in America to an innocent civilian – Roger Stone.  This is Obama/Biden’s America!

Roger Stone provided the Gateway Pundit exclusive pictures from his arrest at his home in Florida which were published on June 11, 2020.  Stone has been under attack ever since.

The first picture shows the FBI agents approaching the house and then looking in the bushes to make sure Stone doesn’t ambush them:

The next picture shows FBI agents at Stone’s door with at least three guns locked, loaded and pointed right at him:

The final picture is Stone being carted off in handcuffs with a shirt on that says – Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong:

On that day, Tucker Carlson spoke out about the arrest.

After Stone’s arrest, he was placed in front of Obama judge Amy Berman Jackson.  If you are a conservative in her court you are damned.  The story behind Jackson and the Stone court case is included in the article below.  She was also the judge over Paul Manafort’s case.

After all of Stone’s trials with Judge Jackson, we finally found out in a document leak on election night November 3rd, 2020, that the Mueller gang knew Stone was innocent and did nothing wrong, and Judge Jackson withheld this information from Stone and his legal team.

Now a group of far-left attorneys is suing Stone and President Trump and accusing them of starting the Capitol riot in DC on Jan 6.  Ray Epps and Nancy Pelosi aren’t being charged.  This is Obama/Biden’s America.  

Please donate to Roger Stone to help him pay his legal fees at – Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund 

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