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Untold Stories Of Election Day 2016




**Roger Stone, longtime Trump ally: She was just dead in the water. **

On November 8, 2016, America’s chief storytellers—those within the bubbles of media and politics—lost the narrative they had controlled for decades. In a space of 24 hours, the concept of “conventional wisdom” seemed to vanish for good. How did this happen? What follows are over 40 brand new interviews and behind-the-scenes stories from deep inside The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and more—plus first-hand accounts from the campaigns, themselves. We’ve spent a year hearing the spin. Now it’s time for the truth.


Steve Bannon, Trump campaign CEO: When I first came on the campaign, I said, “You have a hundred-percent chance of winning.” We just got to stick to that plan. Even with Billy Bush, I never wavered for a second.

Jim Margolis, Clinton campaign senior adviser: I am normally a glass-half-empty guy when it comes to expectations on election days. This was the first big election where I was absolutely certain we were going to win.

Dave Weigel, The Washington Post: I called Jeff Flake the Sunday before the election. I said, “I have one round of questions if Hillary wins, and one if Trump wins.” And he just started laughing, saying, “Why would you bother asking the second one?”

Rebecca Traister, New York magazine: We got up around 7 a.m., and there was an electric current running through my body.

Ana Marie Cox, Crooked Media, formerly of MTV: I was staying at my in-laws’ place in New York. They’re Trump supporters. They weren’t in town, but my father-in-law made a joking bet with me. He said, “The next time we see each other, there will be a President Trump.” I remember laughing at him.

Neal Brennan, comedian/writer: I was at SNL. Chappelle was like, “Dude, I feel like Trump’s gonna win.” I was like, “Dude, I’ll bet you a hundred thousand dollars he won’t win.” He did not take the bet, thankfully.

Sen. Tim Kaine, Democratic vice presidential candidate: I thought we would win, but I was more wary than many for the simple reason that the U.S. had never elected a woman president and still has a poor track record of electing women to federal office.

Ana Navarro, CNN commentator and Republican strategist: I schlepped my absentee ballot around with me for a month. It was getting pretty beat up inside my bag. I would open it up and look at it every now and then and say, “I’m not ready. I can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton. Please, God, let something happen that I don’t have to do this.”

Brian Fallon, Clinton campaign national press secretary: There had been a battleground tracking poll our team had done over the weekend that had us up 4 [points]. We were up in more than enough states to win, taking us over 270. The public polls all showed a similar outlook.

Zara Rahim, Clinton campaign national spokeswoman: We were waiting for the coronation. I was planning my Instagram caption.

Van Jones, CNN political commentator: The Democrats had this attitude, which I think is very unhealthy and unproductive, that any acknowledgement that Trump had a chance was somehow helping Trump, and that we all had to be on this one accord that it was impossible for him to win. I thought that was stupid. I’ve never seen that strategy work.

Matt Oczkowski, formerly of Cambridge Analytica (Trump campaign data firm): When you see outlets like the Huffington Post giving Trump a 1 percent probability of victory, which is not even physically possible, it’s just like, “Wow, people are going to miss this massively.”

Roger Stone, longtime Trump ally: She was just dead in the water.

Joel Benenson, Clinton campaign chief strategist: I go into the 10 o’clock call and we’re getting reports from the analytics people and the field people. And they finish, and whoever’s leading the call asks if there’s anything else. I said, “Well, yeah, I got a call 20 minutes ago from my daughter in Durham, North Carolina. People are standing on line and aren’t moving, and are now being told they need to vote with paper ballots.” To me, that was the first sign that something was amiss in our boiler room process. That’s essential information. We needed those reports so the legal team would activate. I was stunned, and actually quite nervous. I thought, “Do we even have what we need on the ground to manage election day?”


5 p.m.

Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight: When I was coming in on the train at 5 p.m., according to our model, there was one-in-three chance of a Clinton landslide, a one-in-three chance of a close Clinton win, and a one-in-three chance of a Trump win. I was mentally preparing myself for each of those outcomes.

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker: I thought about, and actually wrote, an essay about “the first woman president,” and the historical background of it all. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the suffragettes, the relationship with Frederick Douglass…a historical essay, clearly written in a mood of “at long last” and, yes, celebration. The idea was to press “post” on that piece, along with many other pieces by my colleagues at The New Yorker, the instant Clinton’s victory was declared on TV.

Bret Baier, Fox News chief political anchor: We got the exit polls at 5 p.m. in a big office on the executive floor. Rupert Murdoch and all the staff were there. It looked like we were going to call the race for Hillary Clinton at 10:30 or 11 p.m.

Steve Bannon: The exit polls were horrific. It was brutal. I think we were close in Iowa and Ohio and everything else was just brutal. Losing everywhere. Florida, Pennsylvania. I mean, it looked like a landslide.

Ashley Parker, The Washington Post, formerly of The New York Times: The RNC thought they were going to lose. The Trump campaign supporters thought they were going to lose. They were rushing to get their side out of the blame game. I spent part of my day lining up interviews for later that night or the next morning to get their version of events.

Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, Trump’s religious adviser: I called Sean Hannity and said, “I really think he’s going to win tonight.” Sean said, “Well, I’m glad you do, because the exit polls don’t look good.” I found out later that Trump was very pessimistic, too.

Steve Bannon: Jared [Kushner] and I were out on this balcony in Trump Tower. We looked at it on Jared’s iPhone. And the numbers were so bad that we regrouped inside. We look at each other and we go, “This can’t be right. It just can’t.” And Jared goes, “I got an idea, let’s call Drudge.” And Drudge says, “The corporate media—they’ve always been wrong the entire time—these numbers are wrong.”

Brian Fallon: I was hearing from my high school principal, people I hadn’t spoken to since college. Everybody is conveying thanks for taking on Trump. It was going to be a cathartic experience of him getting his comeuppance after months of representing something that was so egregious in the eyes of so many people.

Rebecca Traister: They were serving, like, $12 pulled pork sandwiches [at the Javits Center]. It was nuts, people were bouncing off the walls. Everyone genuinely believed she was going to win. I don’t know if it made me feel more confident or not.

Evan McMullin, Independent candidate: Our election night event was in Salt Lake City. I was drinking Diet Coke and eating hummus and olives.

Ana Marie Cox: At the MTV watch party, we had dancers and graffiti artists. There were people giving temporary tattoos. I remember my colleague Jamil Smith and I both bringing up at a meeting, “Hey guys, what if something goes wrong? What if this doesn’t go how we think it’s going to go?” And the answer from some MTV exec was, “We’ll pivot.”

Steve Bannon: Drudge snapped us out of it, saying, “You guys are a couple of jamokes. Wait until the second exit polls come out, or later.” We called the candidate and told him what the numbers were and what Drudge had said. And then we said, “Hey, ya know, we left it all on the field. Did everything we can do. Let’s just see how it turns out.”

Sen. Tim Kaine: Based on the returns from one bellwether Virginia county I know well, I realized that we would win Virginia by a significantly larger margin than President Obama four years earlier. This was a huge feeling given all the work that Anne and I have done for 30-plus years to help make Virginia more progressive. It struck me for the first time, “I will probably be vice president.” That feeling lasted about 90 minutes.

Ashley Parker: I walked over to the Hilton for election night. At some point they rolled in a cake that was like…a life-sized, very impressive rendering of Trump’s head.

Melissa Alt, cake artist: I got an order for a Hillary Clinton cake. So, I was like, “Okay, I’m going to make Donald Trump as well.” Just because that would generate a lot of interest. My manager, who has a friend who works for Donald Trump Jr., said, “Let’s contact them and see if they’re interested in having cake.” And obviously they said yes.

The Kid Mero, Desus & Mero: I’m surprised a stripper didn’t jump out of the cake.

Melissa Alt: I start getting phone calls of people saying, “This is TMZ, or Boston Globe, or People magazine. Do you know that your cake is trending all over the whole internet?”

Ashley Parker: I don’t know if I was ever allowed to eat it. It seemed fairly decorative.

Melissa Alt: Obviously, I wanted everyone to see it first and then eat it. That cake could probably feed about a hundred.

Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate: I was taken aback by the fact that, at least at the start of the evening, all the networks were showing three names on the screen for the first time, meaning mine and Clinton and Trump. But no, I don’t remember the cake.


8 p.m. – 1 a.m.

Maggie Haberman, The New York Times: When I went downstairs at 8:15, Hillary was up in Florida. When I came back upstairs, it had flipped. I got a sense the second I set foot in the newsroom that something was going on.

Van Jones: You got smoke coming out of every gear trying to figure out what the heck is happening out there. And you’ve got John King who had said, over and over, that there is no pathway for a Trump victory. Suddenly, that whole thing starts to come apart.

Roger Stone: I was committed to be an on-air anchor for InfoWars. I think I was on the air for seven hours straight.

Steve Bannon: We had taken over the fifth floor of Trump Tower, which had been Corey [Lewandowski]’s original headquarters. It was a concrete floor with no carpeting. They didn’t heat it. It had computers everywhere, guys are tracking everything, we had a chain of command. We called the fifth floor “the crack den.” It looked like a crack den. We put all the maps up and we started getting raw feeds from both our local guys and also the secretary of state of Florida. They were putting up their total vote counts. And [national field director] Bill Stepien was sitting there with all of our modeling. They were really focused on Florida—particularly the Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Also North Carolina was coming in. And obviously Ohio and those states were starting to come in. But the big one we were focused on was Florida. Because if we didn’t win Florida, it was not going to happen.

Omarosa Manigault, Trump campaign: If we believed what was on the television, we would have thought we lost. But looking at the numbers that were in front of us in the key battleground states, we were up…or we were neck and neck, with expectations of higher turnout and more enthusiasm. We were going off of our own internal data. What was being shown on CNN and MSNBC and some of these other networks was showing a stark contrast to what was in front of us.

Reza Aslan, author and religious scholar: I thought, “Oh my God, how terrible are we that it’s even this close?”

Brian Fallon: As I was walking off the risers [at Javits], Jen Epstein, a Bloomberg reporter, grabbed my arm and said, “Are you guys nervous about Florida?” I gave her some sort of verbal shrug. Right after that I called into the boiler room and asked for a gut check.

Van Jones: My phone was literally warm from the text messages coming in.

Zara Rahim: I had been going back and forth between the venue and backstage. My face was really tense. All of these reporters can read your energy and your face. You never want a reporter to tweet like, “Clinton campaign members are nervous.”

Jim Margolis: I finally called Steve Schale, who ran Florida for us in the Obama campaign. I said, “Steve, what’s going on here? Is this just a lack of information?” He said, “I think you’ve got a problem.”

Bret Baier: At 8:30 I turned to Chris Wallace, who was sitting next to us on the set, and said, “This does not look like it’s lining up.” We came back from commercial break and Chris said, “Donald Trump could be the next president of the United States.”

Jerry Falwell Jr.: My 17-year-old daughter, Caroline, had been following the election. It’s the first time she’s ever followed politics. And she was so nervous about the result that her stomach got upset. She told her brother, “I think I’m gonna throw up.” So he took off his Trump hat and she threw up in it, right next to Laura Ingraham.

Felix Biederman, Chapo Trap House: At that point the blue wall hadn’t come in yet, and that’s when the air in the room started to tighten. It was like, “Oh, fuck.” She can still do it, but everything that needs to happen for Trump is happening. What if what’s always happened with Hillary—they did all the work, they know everything, they’re super qualified—what if they didn’t do it? What if they fucked it up?

Ana Marie Cox: I did a couple of on-camera news hits where I was told, “What you need to do here is tell people not to panic.” Meanwhile, I was panicking.

David Remnick: Not only did I not have anything else ready, I don’t think our site had anything, or much of anything, ready in case Trump won. The mood in the offices, I would say, was frenetic.

Dave Weigel: I’m in the parking lot of the Scalise party. There are Republicans drinking, some celebrating, some not paying attention. My editor was calling to see when I would hand in my story. One, I’m on a minor story that’s falling apart, and two, I’m probably in the wrong place. Three, I need to reorder the story, and four, how much did I tell people confidently about the election that I was wrong about?

Ashley Parker: We started running up to one another like, “He’s gonna win, he’s gonna win. We know it now, it’s gonna happen.”

Desus Nice, Desus & Mero: It’s one thing to find out Donald Trump is president, but another to be on TV with people watching you watch Donald Trump become president.

Michael Barbaro, The New York Times: Carolyn Ryan, who was the politics editor, pulled me aside and said, “I need you to be involved in a ‘Trump Wins’ story.”

Matt Flegenheimer, The New York Times: Michael and I build this thing out together into a fully sweeping and historical news story. Maybe 1,500 words. We lock ourselves in this little glass office in the Times building and try to tune out the unstoppable din of the newsroom.

Steve Bannon: Jared came down and the candidate was upstairs. Then when word got out that Florida was competitive, that it was gonna be real, he came down to the 14th floor, the headquarters, where we had what we called the war room, which had multiple TVs running. And so what we did is we moved the data analysis thing that we had up to the 14th floor. And I went over with Stepien and the others and just stood next to the candidate and walked him through what was going on. And he finally took a seat. And we sat there and watched everything come in.

Jacob Soboroff, MSNBC correspondent: I went from this feeling of, “Oh my god, wow. I can’t believe it,” to, in a matter of seconds, “Oh, whoa, I can totally believe it.”

Steve Bannon: Stepien looked at it and said, “Our spread is too big, they can’t recover from this.” Miami-Dade and Broward were coming back really slow. They were clearly holding votes back, right? And then Stepien looked at me and said, “We have such a big lead now. They can’t steal it from us.


Ashley Parker: I received a frantic call from Mike Barbaro, so I was racing around the ballroom getting quotes and feeding them back to the story.

Joshua Green, Bloomberg Businessweek correspondent and Devil’s Bargain author: At 9:05 p.m. I sent Bannon an email and said, “Holy shit, you guys are gonna win, aren’t you?” He sent a one word reply: “Yes.”

Dave Weigel: I had told my parents, who are Clinton supporters—my dad actually knew Clinton growing up as he’s from the same town in Illinois she is. I texted him early in the night saying, “These Florida counties seem to be going the way they usually go.” But once I realized there was no way for Clinton to win, I called them saying, “I’m sorry, this is what I do for a living and I was wrong.” My dad said, “Well, I’m still holding out hope.” And I said, “Don’t bother. Process this, and figure out what you’re going to do next, because it’s not going to happen.”

Trae Crowder, comedian and author: I felt very mad at liberals, you know, like my team. I was very upset with all of us for a lot of reasons.

Rebecca Traister: I felt so alone, I knew it was done. I was by myself on the floor. I started to cry.

David Remnick: That night I went to a friend’s election-night party. As Clinton’s numbers started to sour, I took my laptop out, got a chair, found a corner of that noisy room, and started thinking and writing. That was what turned out to be “An American Tragedy.”

Steve Bannon: As soon as we got Florida, I knew we were gonna win. Because Florida was such a massive lift for us, right? We were so outstaffed. But then we won Florida. Just made me know that the rest of the night was going to go well.

Maggie Haberman: I started texting some of the Trump people and one of them wrote back, “Say it with me: ‘President Trump. President Trump.’”


Zara Rahim: A member of senior leadership came, and I’ll never forget him looking at us and saying, essentially, “If she doesn’t win Michigan and Wisconsin, Donald Trump will be president-elect.” That was the first time I heard those words.

Jim Margolis: The tenor had changed completely. People were very nervous in the room, we’re all talking to each other. I’m going back and forth with [Clinton campaign manager] Robby Mook, who is over at the hotel. We’re on the phone with some of the states that are still out there, trying to understand what is taking place in Wisconsin and Michigan, because those numbers are softer than they ought to be. That’s beginning to weigh very heavily.

Rebecca Traister: I was thinking everything from, “I’m gonna have to rewrite my piece” to, “Can we stay in the U.S.?” I texted my husband, “Tell Rosie to go to bed. I don’t want her to watch.”

Roger Stone: The staff at InfoWars is largely people in their late 20s, early 30s, all of whom are interested in politics, but none of whom would consider themselves an expert. So they would look to me and say, “Well, are we going to win or not?” And I said, “Yes, we’re going to win.”

Matt Flegenheimer: Michael Grynbaum—who covers media—we had been following the Upshot percentages on the race. We were trying to get our heads around it. If it’s 75 percent, two coin flips, Donald Trump’s president. You had dynamic, shifting odds on the meter. Maybe it’s one coin flip. Maybe it’s half a coin flip. At some point, when I was in that little room with Michael Barbaro, Grynbaum comes in, takes a quarter, slams it down on the middle of the desk. Doesn’t say a word. Just walks out. I still have that quarter in my wallet.

David Remnick: Obviously, we were not going to press “post” until a result had been announced. So I made some revisions, came across a quotation from George Orwell, played around with various sentences, but all in a kind of strange state of focus that happens only once in a while.

Steve Bannon: We stayed there until I want to say about 11 o’clock, 11:30, after Florida got called. It looked like others were coming our way, that we were obviously gonna win. That’s when we went upstairs to the residence, to the penthouse. In hindsight, we still had two and a half hours to go, because they didn’t call it ‘til like 2:30 in the morning.

Symone Sanders, Strategist for Priorities USA: Omarosa called [into MTV] saying, “It’s a good night over here at Trump Tower.” She’s like, “I knew Donald Trump would be the president. I told everyone months ago. And the day is here!” I was just dumbfounded.

Neal Brennan: Slowly but surely it dawns on us. And I had said things like, “You know, I’ve heard that technically Republicans can never win another presidential election.” I’m just saying dumb shit, all things I’d read on Politico or fuckin’ The Atlantic or whatever. And then slowly but surely it happens. It’s like we…it…fucking Hillary lost.

Van Jones: I picked up my pen and I wrote down two words: “parents” and “whitelash.”

Jeffrey Lord, former CNN political commentator: People get so obsessed with the race thing.

Ana Marie Cox: I happen to be in recovery. I had a moment of, like, “Why the fuck not?” I went on Twitter and said, “To those of us ‘in the room’ together, he’s not worth it. Don’t drink over this.” And the response I got was amazing. I said, “I’m going to a meeting tomorrow. Everyone get through this 24 hours, get to a meeting, we’re not alone.”

Evan McMullin: I looked at my staffers. In my mind’s eye, they were all seated up against this wall. They were disappointed, they were afraid, all of that. I told them that I didn’t want to see any long faces. I told them to buck up. And it had no effect.

Van Jones: I literally said, “This was many things. This was a rebellion against elites, it was a complete reinvention of politics and polls. And it was also about race.” But the “whitelash” comment became this big, big thing. What’s interesting about it is, I’m black, my wife is not. She and I were talking about what was happening in Europe. And I said, “The backlash is coming here.” She said, “Yeah, it’ll be a whitelash here.” That was in the back of my mind. People think I made that term up on the spot. It’s very rare you can put two syllables together and make the entire case.

Jeffrey Lord: I thought he was wrong. While Van and I disagree, he’s a curious and sensible soul. I thought at some point he would come to a different conclusion.


1 a.m. – 3 a.m.

Melissa Alt: People were texting me the whole night, just congratulations on the cake. That was funny because the night turned out so different than I expected. Who knew cake could generate so much hype?

Bret Baier: The futures markets had taken a nosedive, so we were covering that aspect of things. Fortunately, we had Maria Bartiromo on the set, who looked at the numbers and said, “Well, I would think this is a buying opportunity, because if you look at policy, tax cuts, regulation roll back, and everything else, that’s probably going to mean the market turning around when businesses weigh in.” That turned out to be pretty prescient.

Ana Marie Cox: A Muslim colleague of mine called his mother. She was worried he was going to be the victim of violence at any moment. A colleague who is gay and married was on the phone with her wife saying, “They’re not going to take this damn ring away from me.”

Van Jones: I had Muslim friends who came from countries like Somalia asking, “Should we leave the country tonight?” Because in their countries of origin, if a president that hostile takes power, they might start rounding up people in the morning.

David Remnick: Jelani [Cobb] and I spoke around midnight. We were both, let’s put it this way, in the New Yorker mode of radical understatement, disappointed. Jelani’s disappointment extended to his wondering whether he should actually leave the country. He wasn’t kidding around. I could tell that from his voice.

Gary Johnson: Well, I was really disappointed at the results. But what I came to very quickly was, as I’ve said many, many, many, times, if I wasn’t elected president, I was going to ski a hundred-plus days and I was also going to ride the Continental Divide bike race.

Jill Stein, Green Party candidate: Did I have remorse about running? Absolutely not. I have remorse about the misery people are experiencing under Democrats and Republicans both.

Neal Brennan: That’s sketch-writing night at SNL. So all the writers are crestfallen, and it was up to us to write comedy for that Saturday. Me and [Colin] Jost wrote the sketch where Dave [Chappelle] is watching the election, and Chris Rock shows up and everyone’s bawling. It was based on the experience of being in Jost’s office and me saying incredibly stupid shit as reality crumbled.

Ashley Nicole Black, writer/correspondent, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: We all went into a room and sat in silence for at least five minutes. The conversation wasn’t like, “What is it going to be in the country?” It was like, okay, “We’re at work. We have a show tomorrow. What are we going to do?” And Sam goes, “I think this is my fault.” It’s Sam’s first time voting in an American election, and she told us how the first time she was on Law & Order, Law & Order got canceled the next day. And she got interviewed by Playboy, and the next day they announced they were no longer doing nudity. And now she voted for the first time and broke America. We all laughed, it broke the tension in the room. Then we started writing Act 1 with that idea in mind.

Rep. Adam Schiff, congressman, 28th District of California: I was at a victory party for my campaign at the Burbank Bar and Grill. And it was the most somber and depressing victory party I’d ever had.

Brian Fallon: Eventually there were conversations around the awkwardness. There started to be this pressure to concede even before AP called the race.

Nate Silver: I felt like if the roles had been reversed, and if Clinton had been winning all of these states, that they wouldn’t have been so slow to call it. In some ways, the slowness to call it reflected the stubbornness the media had the whole time about realizing that, actually, it was a pretty competitive election.

Jerry Falwell Jr.: The crowd at the Trump party was really aggravated because Megyn Kelly didn’t want to call it. She was so hopeful that Trump would lose. She let hours go by. Finally, the crowd started chanting, “Call it! Call it! Call it!”

Bret Baier: There was a growing group of people who had gathered outside Fox News who obviously were Trump supporters. They were going crazy.

Zara Rahim: There was a massive garage behind the Javits center. John Podesta stood up on a box and told us, “We will have more information for you soon,” which is the most frustrating thing to hear in that moment. Everybody was in this big circle of sadness and nobody knew what to do. Leadership didn’t know what to do. We were all at a loss.

Jon Favreau, Crooked Media, former Obama speechwriter: We were in a constant text chain with our buddies in the White House, asking, “What’s going on? What’s the boss thinking? What’s Obama thinking?” And finally they told us, “Oh, he just talked to her and he thinks she should concede and she agrees. She’s just waiting for the right moment.”

Jerry Falwell Jr.: I called the president-elect. He said, “Well, why don’t you come over to Trump Tower, you and your family, and watch the returns with us?” And I said, “I don’t want to do that, because by the time I get over there, you’re going to be coming over here to do your victory speech.” And he said, “All right, whatever.”

Matt Paul, chief of staff to VP candidate Tim Kaine: Senator Kaine, when the news became very grim…the senator actually went to bed. Nothing was going to happen that night. He had to put together a different type of speech.

Brian Fallon: I was on the phone with the decision desk people at AP, trying to glean a sense of their confidence about the numbers in states like Wisconsin and Michigan. I knew that when those got called, it was ball game, so I was trying to impart to them what we were hearing about what precincts might still be outstanding. We were also trying to gauge if they were about to call it, if and when she should speak.

Michael Barbaro: We really labored over a few paragraphs and a few words, just capturing the enormity of a Trump victory. That it wasn’t expected. The messages the campaign had run on, what they would suddenly mean for the country. And it was a real challenge to convey all of the things he had said and done in the campaign, and all the controversies that he had sparked and put those into the context of a traditional, sweeping, “This person has just been elected president of the United States,” New York Times story.

Matt Flegenheimer: I think after 1 o’clock we had our final version and we were ready to press the button on “Trump Just Won.” It did make the last edition of the print paper.

Michael Barbaro: There was so much going on that night and so many last-minute changes and such a hectic schedule that the story was published with the wrong bylines. The historic front page, “Trump Triumphs,” ran in the paper with the wrong bylines.

Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker: I saw the New York Times headline and I was very discomforted by it. For one, I knew that I had a child on the way.

Maggie Haberman: I was supposed to go on a CNN panel at 2 a.m., they were doing a very early version of New Day. I got stuck because of a deadline anyway, so it worked out I couldn’t make it, which I felt bad about. In reality, I wasn’t prepared to talk about it. I couldn’t really understand what had happened. And I think images of gobsmacked reporters probably wouldn’t have helped.

Michael Barbaro: We’re all sitting around and we’re all doing what journalists do after a big story, which is talk about it endlessly. I don’t think any of us wanted to go home. I don’t think any of us wanted to go off into the private space of figuring out what this all means. This gravitational pull kept us there much later than we needed to be.

Reza Aslan: My wife stayed up and I went to sleep, then she woke me up around 1 or 2 in the morning bawling and told me that it was over. My poor, sweet wife. She wanted to hug and kiss me but I went into a panic attack and couldn’t breathe.

David Remnick: We agreed that night, and we agree today, that the Trump presidency is an emergency. And in an emergency, you’ve got a purpose, a job to do, and ours is to put pressure on power. That’s always the highest calling of journalism, but never more so than when power is a constant threat to the country and in radical opposition to its values and its highest sense of itself.

Brian Fallon: We had this issue where the Javits Center needed us out by 3 a.m. The decision was made that someone had to come out and address the crowd.

Zara Rahim: There were die-hard Hillary supporters that were like, “We’re not going.” Folks who were sobbing and literally couldn’t move because they were so distraught. I remember pieces of memorabilia on the floor, little Hillary pins and “I believe that she will win” placards.

Rebecca Traister: People were throwing up. People were on the floor crying.

Steve Bannon: We had an agreement with these guys. Robby Mook had sent this email saying, you know, “When AP calls it, we’ll call and congratulate you right away.” Because they were expecting Trump to keep saying, “It’s rigged, it’s rigged.” So Robby Mook sent a thing over which I’m sure he regrets. [Laughs]. He sent an email to us, he said, 15 minutes after AP calls it, they would expect to hear from us. If they hadn’t heard from us, she would get up to give a victory speech. I think AP called it right when we left.

Roger Stone: We figured they had her in a straitjacket by then. Or that she was throwing things and cursing.


Bret Baier: It was around 2:30 in the morning, and I said, “Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.” This whiz-bang graphic with all of these firework animations flashed across the screen with the words Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States. Just seeing that, everybody on the set was silent for a little bit, as the whole thing was being digested.

Stephen L. Miller, conservative blogger: The Onion headline kept flashing through my head really heavy. During the primaries they had the Trump story, “You really want to see how far this goes, don’t you America?”

Jorge Ramos, Univision news anchor: When he won, I said it as if I was reporting a football score or a soccer match. “Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States.” No emotion. Just the facts. That’s what the audience demanded. That is a sign of respect. As a journalist you have to report reality as it is, not as you wish it would be. That’s exactly what I was doing.

Jeffrey Lord: It was an amazing moment. Anderson [Cooper] came over to me and, in his classy fashion, shook my hand and said, “Congratulations, you were right.”

Steve Bannon: When it was called, he was actually upstairs in the kitchen. He has a small kitchen with a television. When he heard it was being called by AP, I shook his hand and said, “Congratulations, Mr. President.” So we kinda laughed. There were no big hugs or anything. Nothing crazy. He’s not a guy who gets overly excited. He’s very controlled. People around him are very controlled. We were obviously very happy and ecstatic. But it’s not a bunch of jumping around, high-fiving, anything like that.

Matt Oczkowski: It almost felt like a videogame, like you were playing something and won. You’re like, “Wow, this is the presidency of the United States.”

Roger Stone: The champagne tasted great. This was the culmination of a dream that I’d had since 1988.

Jim Margolis: I was on with Robby [Mook], who was in the room with her when she did the concession call to Trump. It was surreal. It was beyond my imagination that we would be in this position with this person being elected president.

Steve Bannon: It only took us 10 minutes to get there, it was right down the street. When we got there, we were in this weird holding stage, kind of off to the side. Very crammed. She called the president on his phone. Or it might have been Huma Abedin called Kellyanne [Conway] and then she hands her phone off to the president, and then Secretary Clinton was on there, you know, “Hey, Donald, congratulations, hard-fought win.” Two or three minutes. Then we looked at each other and said, “Let’s go onstage and get this done.”

Roger Stone: He looked surprised at the fact that he’d won. Which is surprising only because he pretty consistently thought he would win. Not unhappy, but rather, shocked.

Neal Brennan: I thought it was so fucking weird that he was like, “Is Jim here? Come on up here.” Like he was emceeing a sports banquet. But it was good that he set the tone right there. So long, context. So long, history.

Joshua Green: I thought he had actually made at least a cursory effort to try to unite the country by reaching out to Hillary Clinton voters. That sentiment probably evaporated before the sun rose the next day. At least on election night he said something approximating what you would expect a normal presidential victor to say in a moment like that, to try and bring the country together.

Symone Sanders: I still couldn’t believe it was happening. When he talked about us coming together and healing for the country, I wanted to throw up in my mouth.


3 a.m. – 7 a.m.

Maggie Haberman: I was getting bewildered texts from my child who couldn’t sleep, asking me what happened. I think this election was really difficult for kids to process.

Matt Paul: It was fucking terrible. We had these hastily organized calls every 10 minutes to determine what was going to happen the next morning. There was no advanced plan. Where were we going to do this massive global television event? How were we going to get people in the room? Who was going to say what in what order? That happened between 4 in the morning and when she spoke.

Rebecca Traister: In the cab home, the cabbie had on the news, that’s when I heard his acceptance speech, and I said, “Can you turn it off?” I couldn’t hear his voice. I was like, “I can’t listen to his voice for the next four years.”

Desus Nice: I went home, and it was like when your team loses and you watch it on SportsCenter over and over and over. I turned on MSNBC, and Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow were asking, “How’d you get this wrong? How did Nate Silver get this wrong? What did Hillary do?” I kept turning to Fox News and seeing them gloat and the balloons falling. I think I stayed up until three in the morning just drinking and watching.

The Kid Mero: I went home and smoked myself to sleep. I was like, “This sucks.”

Ashley Nicole Black: I took a shower, and then as soon as water hit me, I started bawling. I didn’t really have any feelings until that moment.

Ashley Parker: Times Square felt like a zombie-apocalypse movie. There was no one there. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I walked from the ballroom to the newsroom. They were like, “Go home, get some sleep, you’ll need it.” I walked back to my hotel. I couldn’t sleep. I watched cable news and then fell asleep.

Van Jones: I was walking out the building. Your thumb just kind of automatically switches over to Twitter. I saw that my name was trending worldwide. And I was like, “Whoa, that’s weird.”

Brian Fallon: I stayed in Brooklyn throughout the campaign, but that night I got a hotel in Midtown, close to the Peninsula. I actually walked past his hotel. I saw all the red hats that were still milling about outside of his victory party. It was pretty surreal.

Ashley Nicole Black: I looked at myself—I’m going to cry even saying this right now—I looked at myself in the mirror, and in that moment, I looked like my grandmother. The first thought I had was that I was glad that she wasn’t alive to see that. Then I felt so guilty because of course nothing would ever make me glad my grandmother is not alive. I love her so much, and I wish she was here. But she died when Obama was president, with that hope that the world had moved forward, and black people had moved forward. And she didn’t see the huge backlash that came after. In that moment, I was very grateful, and then guilty, and then I went to bed.

Jorge Ramos: I’ve been to wars, I’ve covered the most difficult situations in Latin America. But I needed to digest and to understand what had happened. I came home very late. I turned on the news. I had comfort food—cookies and chocolate milk—the same thing I used to have as a kid in Mexico City. After that, I realized that I had been preparing all my life for this moment. Once I digested what had happened with Trump and had a plan, which was to resist and report and not be neutral, then I was able to go to bed.

Rebecca Traister: I got back to Park Slope, I went to check on the girls. When I went to say goodnight, I looked at Rosie, and I had this conscious thought that this is the day that will divide our experience of what is possible. This is the day where a limitation is reinforced for her.

Michael Barbaro: I went home and woke up my husband, I think it was 4 or 5 in the morning, and asked him what the next steps should be journalistically. Should I move to Washington? Should I change jobs? It was pretty disorienting.

Maggie Haberman: One Trump supporter sent me a message saying, “You’re fucked.” [Laughs] If you use that, please recall me laughing about it. It was really something.

Van Jones: I got to my apartment and put my head down. I woke up like three, four hours later. And in my mind I thought, it was a dream. Just for a split second. I was still fully clothed. I had makeup all over my pillow. And I was like, “Shit.”


7 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Jon Favreau: It felt like when you wake up after someone close to you passes away. Not nearly as bad, obviously, but that same feeling where you think, for like five seconds, you’re okay, maybe it’s a normal morning, and then it hits you what happened.

Roger Stone: I mean, we were walkin’ on clouds. We were still in the halo of the whole thing. I was very pleased.

Jerry Falwell Jr.: The feeling afterward was relief. I had worked so hard to help him. I’d risked so much and went so far out on a limb. Everybody thought I was crazy. It was a renewed hope for the future of the country, and a little bit of fear that I was going to be chosen to serve in the administration, because I didn’t want to.

Steve Bannon: I had my whole family that had come up to the victory party and I hadn’t seen anybody, so I went home and grabbed a shower, just like the night before, got another hour of sleep, and I was with Jared. And I think we were with Trump at like 8 in the morning. So it was just like the exact same thing as the day before. The day before I felt we were gonna win the presidency, and the next day we had won the presidency. It was odd, there was never any big insurgent feeling or anything like that. It played out how I thought it would play out. I didn’t have much doubt the first day of the campaign, didn’t really have much doubt on Billy Bush weekend. He was connecting. He had a powerful message.

Reza Aslan: I remember thinking, as clear as day, this is who we are. This is what we deserve.

Shani O. Hilton, U.S. news editor, BuzzFeed News: You get on the train from Brooklyn. It’s silent. And not in the normal way of people not talking to each other. It felt like an observable silence. I saw at least three people sitting by themselves, just weeping silently.

Melissa Alt: The next day my manager took the cake back to Trump Tower because they didn’t cut it at election night. Donald Trump Jr. told my friend that it was delicious.

Matt Paul: I remember rolling up in the motorcade and seeing some of our staff and organizers couldn’t get in. A reporter or cameraperson who was familiar to me said, “Can I sneak in with you?” I looked at that person, sort of stunned, and said, “Fuck no.” Then I realized I shouldn’t have said that. It was just a visceral, gut reaction to seeing some of our staff that couldn’t get in who had killed themselves for two years.

Nate Silver: If you read FiveThirtyEight throughout the election and listened to our arguments with other journalists and reporters, then you would’ve been much better prepared and much less surprised by the outcome.

The Kid Mero: We very quickly became familiar with the term “economic anxiety.”

Reza Aslan: You take your kids to school, you go to the store, you go to the post office, you’re looking around, and you’re thinking, “These people hate me.”

Jelani Cobb: I went to the airport the next morning for a 7 a.m. flight. There’s an African-American gentleman, maybe in his 60s, working at the check-in counter. He starts talking about how disastrous and dangerous this moment’s going to be. And he’s seen history in the South and thinking that we might be headed back toward the things he thought were in the past.

Dave Weigel: I was connecting through the Atlanta airport. I looked around and thought, well, for eight years, I didn’t really think about who voted for who. But as a white dude with a mustache, fairly bloated by the campaign, most of the people who look like me voted for this guy who, as far as they know, is a bigot. I remember feeling that this divider had come down, this new intensity of feeling about everybody I saw.

Van Jones: The next day, my commentary had become this sort-of viral sensation. Fox News is mad at me for saying “whitelash.” Liberals are treating me as some kind of hero. And literally, for the next two weeks, I didn’t have to pay for anything in any establishment in D.C. or New York. Not one meal. Not one cab. Uber people would turn the thing off and just drive me around for free.

Joshua Green: Bannon called me. He said, “You recognize what happened?” I’m like, “What the fuck are you talking about?” He goes, “You guys,” meaning you on the left, “you fell into the same trap as conservatives in the ‘90s…you were so whipped up in your own self-righteousness about how Americans could never vote for Trump that you were blinded to what was happening.” He was right.

Matt Paul: There were five or six of us standing in a hold room. One of Hillary’s brothers was there with his wife. A couple of the president’s people. Myself. A couple of campaign photographers. President Clinton walked in. It was very tough. Secretary Clinton walked in and was strong and composed. I stood there in shock at how put together and strong she was.

Rebecca Traister: As someone who covered her in 2008 and watched her struggle with speechgiving, it was one of the best speeches she’s ever given.

Jim Margolis: Everybody was basically in tears. Huma was in front of me. Jake [Sullivan] was on one side. It was one of those incredible scenes. Nobody had had any sleep.

Steve Bannon: Never watched it. Couldn’t care less. Her, Podesta, all of it. I thought they were overrated. I thought they were—they’re a media creation. People say how genius they were, how brilliant they were. Look, I’d never been on a campaign in my life. But I can understand math. Just looking at where it was gonna come down to. Morning Joe tells me they’re so brilliant every day. Why are they not getting some pretty fundamental stuff here? But no, I had no interest in seeing her concession speech. I have no interest in a damn thing with their campaign because I don’t think they knew what they were doing. I only have interest in what we did. Which was just, focus, focus, focus.

Rep. Adam Schiff: My staff both in California and in D.C. were absolutely devastated. People would come up to me, constituents and others, with tears in their eyes. And the astounding thing is, here we are now. People continue to come up to me with tears in their eyes about what he’s doing. I’ve never seen people have a visceral reaction over an election and be so deeply alarmed at what’s happening to the country.

Charles P. Pierce, Esquire writer at large: On the Sunday before the election, I drove out from Philadelphia to Gettysburg. Once I got out of the sprawling Philadelphia exurbs, I started to see improvised signs. There were several of those small portable marquees that you see outside clam shacks and chili parlors. I saw a huge piece of plywood nailed to a tree outside a motorcycle repair shop. I saw an entire barn painted red, white, and blue. “Trump,” it said, on the side of the barn. “Make America Great Again.” And I could see that barn, out in the field, in my mind’s eye, as Hillary Rodham Clinton gave her belated concession speech. And when she talked about making the American Dream available to everyone, I thought, damn, somebody had to want it bad to paint a whole barn just to argue about that.

Roger Stone: Trump is a winner. He’s a very confident, upbeat guy. That’s just his style. He thought all along that he would win. There’s no doubt that the Billy Bush thing shook him a little bit, but it ended up not being determinative.

Jerry Falwell Jr.: We had traveled on the plane with him during the campaign. He went and got the Wendy’s cheeseburgers and the fries, put them out on the table for us. I just think he’s a people’s president. I think that’s something we’ve not had in a real long time.

Gary Johnson: Well for me, just speaking personally, I do not aspire to be president of the United States anymore. Why would anybody want to be president of the United States now that Donald Trump’s been president of the United States?


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The Freedom Crisis In Cuba and The Top 6 Leading Cuban-American Patriots to Watch



Originally Posted On The Gateway Pundit

With the recent uprisings in Cuba, the American people have been reminded about the deadly costs of socialism and marxists ideologies.

In today’s Democrat party, there has been an outbreak of anti-American ideals being pushed on the American people, but in many cases it falls on deaf ears among Cuban and Venezuelan Americans who have seen the ravages of Communism first hand. Too many Americans continue to have an idyllic notion of Cuba as a socialist utopia. The incredibly vicious brutality of the Cuban secret police and the crushing oppression of the Cuban people is rarely reported in the United States.

The Biden administered created a myth that the recent uprising by the Cuban people was caused by the people’s outrage over the island’s lack of COVID-19 vaccinations when in fact the uprising was caused by the dire conditions in Cuba where food, gasoline and medicine are both rare and rationed. The Cuban uprising was a demand for human rights and a better, freer quality of life and, in fact, had nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccination.

Sadly, many younger generation Cuban Americans born in the United States are too far removed from the horrors of the socialist or communist country their families once suffered under before taking the courageous step of fleeing to the United States of America to seek opportunity and freedom  Young people sporting  T-shirts with the imagery of Che Guevera thinking him to be a romantic revolutionary when in fact he was a murdering thug. These same millennials have no frame of reference for Castro’s Cuban dictatorship. The education of these young people- and indeed all of the  American people- as to what conditions are really like in Cuba is imperative.

Despite some Hispanic community leaders, politicians, and commentators having been corrupted by pervasive left-wing demagoguery, I thought It necessary to recognize six individuals who are fighting for truth.

These are not power rankings, just six wonderfully patriotic Hispanic Americans who are fighting to educate the American people about the evils of Socialism and Communism.

1). Robert Unanue: The CEO of the popular food company Goya foods came under fire last year for his strident support for President Donald J. Trump. Leftwing activists, Democrat elected officials, and the mainstream media demanded boycotts of his brand, a brand that was created by his immigrant ancestors nearly 90 years ago when they came from Spain. Even after manufactured backlash, Unanue continued to defend President Trump. He saw sales skyrocket, in particular after Dopey Bartender AOC melted down in a Twitter tirade. In the present, he continues to call out the media and Democrats on COVID-19. And yes, he rightfully believes that there was indisputable voter fraud during the 2020 elections. Goya Foods Board of Directors tried to oust him, but he remains the top dog and loyal Trump supporter to this day.

2). Rachel Campos Duffy: The wife of former Congressman Sean Duffy has certainly made a name for herself on Fox News. Despite Fox News being a shell of its former self, Campos Duffy, the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, hasn’t sold America out. She’s incredibly witty and entertaining on Outnumbered, but her pro-American activities are not limited to her role as a commentator. She also works as the national spokesman for the LIBRE Initiative, a non-profit that promotes the free market capitalism and a host of other pro-constitution stances.

3). Julio Gonzalez: As the CEO of the world’s largest tax and accounting specialty firm, Gonzalez has become a fixture on several up-and-coming new media platforms where he has consistently supported President Donald J. Trump and stood against the economic horrors of socialism. Gonzalez is a member of the Forbes Council and regularly hosts true America First candidates for political office at his West Palm Beach home, raising the big bucks needed to take back the House and retain control of the U.S. Senate. The son of first-generation Cuban immigrants, Gonzalez has taken the moment in the aftermath of recent protests for the freedom of the Cuban people by highlighting the cold hard truth about the failures of socialism when it comes to how it destroys the economies of once-prosperous nations.

4). Jose Oliva: the Former Speaker of the Florida House always stood strong for freedom and liberty in his capacity as an elected official. Oliva was during his time in office a staunch supporter of President Donald J. Trump and remains so as a private citizen and Founder of the Oliva Cigar Company (and their cigars are AMAZING). He is also known for his longtime advocacy for the freedom of the Cuban, mainly through his leadership of the Cuban Liberty Council.

5). Tito Ortiz: Mexican American Tito Ortiz is known to us all as a legendary world champion wrestler and MMA fighter. The UFC Hall of Famer has a decades-long career in the wrestling and competitive fighting arena. His rise to fame and fortune has inspired many Hispanic young people to take control of their future, guided by responsibility, self-reliance, and hard work, not government handouts or generational welfare. Ortiz was a Trump supporter from day one and has never stopped fighting for President Donald J. Trump. America would be better off with more athletes like Ortiz and fewer anti-American losers like Colin Kapernick and Lebron James.

6) Enrique Aledandro : The filmmaker and human rights activist was heavily involved in organizing the Miami-based protests against the Communist Party of Cuba, which he described to us as “barbaric” and “tyrannical. Just 24 years old ,Alejandro has just wrapped up shooting for his upcoming documentary production PAPA BEAR, based on the world-famous big cat sanctuary, Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Now Alejandro’s production company, returns him to the director’s chair for an epic motion picture that reveals the true shocking brutality of Castro’s regime and the plight of the Cuban people.

Please help support the Stone Family by giving at the

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Why Is A Loyal New York City Police Officer from Staten Island Being Persecuted for His Off-Duty Political Support of Donald Trump and Friendship with Roger Stone?




“Beyond question, Sal Greco is a true servant of the people, a good soul, and a great American.”

Sal Greco is a 12-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, from Staten Island. His record of service to the people of New York City is unblemished. Sal is also my friend. We met via Instagram over 2 years ago. Perhaps it was our common Italian-American heritage that made us fast friends. It also helped that Sal completely understood how the charges leveled against me by the now-discredited Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his attack dog lawyers were entirely contrived and purely motivated by political animus.

As a police officer, Sal had testified in many criminal trials as a government witness. He has a keen, realistic understanding of the justice system. He had studied the public aspects of the case against me and quickly came to see how I had been framed.

TRENDING: VIDEO: Regent University Election Integrity Conference — TGP’s Jim and Joe Hoft Release Exclusive Content – Also: FULL CONFERENCE VIDEO

In his personal politics, Sal is decidedly a supporter of the movement to Make America Great Again (MAGA). He also has strong opinions about Italian food and the importance of loyalty. Though Sal is an ardent supporter of free speech and the unfettered right to political expression, he has also been a vocal critic of the Proud Boys. While Sal unreservedly exercised his own freedom of Speech on Instagram, his posts were limited to invited friends.

Through the darkest days of my ordeal being politically persecuted by Mueller’s corrupt partisan operatives, Sal provided comfort and friendship to my family and to me. He even used many of the personal vacation days he had earned serving on the streets of New York to assist my family members during my trial in Washington DC. Often he would escort my single adult daughter to and from the courthouse, allowing Nydia and me the peace of mind of knowing she was safe and in capable, trusted hands.


We ate together, went to  Mass together, worked out together, laughed together, and shared the ups and downs of life.  We spent time in battle against those who would destroy everything that has made our country the freest and most prosperous ever to exist on this planet. Beyond question, Sal Greco is a true servant of the people, a good soul, and a great American.

Recently the tabloid-grade New York Daily News reported that Officer Greco was the subject of an NYPD internal investigation upon his return from Washington in January. At that time I elected not to comment because I know an honest inquiry will prove that Sal Greco did nothing improper, either in DC in early January or anywhere else, at any time, for that matter.

But if we have learned nothing from the years we had with Donald Trump as president it is that things like fairness, due process, and truth are utter irrelevancies to the corporate and social media propagandists who act as mere mouthpieces for the Democrat party and its radical left-wing zealots. Now they are subjecting this dedicated officer of the law to their latest politically-motivated witch hunt, using cheap innuendo and ‘guilt by association” to potentially destroy the career of this patriot for the unforgivable sin of being my friend.

On January 5th, Sal was with me in Washington DC, accompanying me as I spoke at two legally-permitted events. On January 6th we never even left the Willard Hotel property the entire day. Neither of us was at the Ellipse, in the march to the Capitol, or present at the Capitol for any of the unlawful acts. We were both shocked and appalled at the lawless, politically counterproductive violence at the Capitol as we watched it unfold on TV in my hotel suite.

What makes the New York Daily News hit piece on Sal Greco extraordinary is that I responded to their inquiries in writing, answering many of the questions they purport to raise in the story published this week. In fact, their reporter confirmed receipt of my response but entirely ignored anything I had written in it.

While I have no obligation to speak to the New York Daily News on the record, the reporter nonetheless agreed to my ground rule about no selective editing but omitted my response, either on background or without attribution because what I told them would totally-debunk the false narrative concocted in their fake news story.

Here is the screenshot of our exchange and their confirmation of its receipt.

Take particular note of the “reporter’s last comment.  My clarifications were available well before any stated deadline for publication of this transparent effort to smear an honest man and dedicated public servant. The reporter could have insisted on having a response from me that was on the record, which I was likely to provide except the reporter never “circled back” as he promised to do, before publishing anything.

Since the Daily News chose to be sneaky and dishonest in reporting on this, let’s clear it up right now.

  • First, Officer Sal Greco never at any time provided professional security services for me or my family.
  • Second, I have never paid Sal Greco for any professional services.
  • Third, Officer Greco visited me and my family on multiple holidays, but strictly during his personal vacation time.
  • Fourth, Sal sometimes attended public events with me, if his work or vacation schedule permitted, but in those instances where security was required, it was provided by a paid security detail or by the promoter of the event.
  • Fifth, I have never known Officer Greco to be armed while in my presence and I am aware of no inappropriate use of either his badge or his government-issued firearm anywhere at any time.

Notwithstanding the totalitarian bleatings from America’s repulsive left-wing criminal class, even New York City Police Officers retain in full their constitutional rights to have political opinions when joining the force and, while they are prohibited from any political activities while on duty, they are free to participate in our political and electoral processes when off duty, on their own-time, as long as they make no claims to having the imprimatur of the NYPD while they engage in any of these constitutionally-protected activities.

While spending time with us on his well-earned vacation days or on his off-duty time Sal Greco was a loyal friend- nothing more, nothing less. Sal Greco was with me for nearly every waking moment of the 5th of January, including when I spoke at the two legally-permitted events that evening. He was there as my friend and ally, not taking any role in, or acting in any manner as part of, my personal security detail.

It is an unfortunate and frankly dismal reality today that my family and I require professional security in pretty much any public setting, thanks to the violent, aggressive, unhinged, often-criminal mania of the deranged political zealots who inhabit so much of the radical authoritarian leftist lynch mob that has become a runaway plague in American politics and a repulsive profane affliction upon our nation’s civic life. We have been accosted in restaurants, airports , streets, flea markets, airplanes by abusive and sometimes violent people.

These phony moral high-hats and unfathomably-hypocritical virtue signalers are the same trash who have showered my family and me with vile death threats on a daily basis for what has now been years. Between the threats, their bizarre compulsion towards physically stalking me anywhere I go in public and the outright physical assaults they have committed against me anywhere from my table at a restaurant to public sidewalks to really any public setting in which I find myself, I have been required to employ off-duty police officers for security and to requisition secure vehicles for them to use. This was the case for numerous trips I had to take both to and around DC for court-ordered proceedings prior to and throughout my trial. Unfortunately, during my stay in DC on January 5th and 6th these off-duty officers had all been called to active duty, or were otherwise engaged providing private security for others.

This latest in a string of inflated non-stories cooked up with equally breathless and pointless melodrama is exactly the kind of irresponsible muckraking and vicious hate-mongering that has led to the continuing threats against me, my wife, my family, my children and, yes, even my infant great grandson. The countless public confrontations and violent incidents, like the attack against my wife outside our home just weeks ago, have become all too typical. Yet, these yellow journalists continue to manufacture dishonest disinformation hit pieces that attempt to insinuate, without the slightest credible evidence or even a single factual allegation, that I am somehow party to criminal conduct. It is nothing less than defamation by disingenuous implication.

I have made it crystal clear over and over, for months now, that I used the voluntary security services of members of the OathKeepers when the off-duty DC Police Officers and one retired Prince Georges, Maryland police officer, who had quite legally provided security for me and my family in the past, had become unavailable when needed.

I know the OathKeepers organization to consist of current and former law enforcement officers and military veterans who have simply pledged to honor the oaths they swore, upon entering service to their country and their communities, to support and defend the Constitution and ensure adherence to the guarantees enshrined in it to protect the essential liberties and human rights of all Americans.

As our nation’s founding charter, the Constitution is the very foundation of government, and the fount of our freedoms, so it is a total oxymoron pushed by incoherent partisan zealots to claim that this organization is “anti-government.” It is, in reality, anti-tyranny if anything, which would explain why it is so viciously made the target of deceitful villainization by the authoritarian left and its army of blathering stooges.

Further, the Daily News’s characterization of the OathKeepers as a “right-wing militia” is simply a baseless delusion, supported by no facts whatsoever. The OathKeepers are an affiliation of like-,minded citizens with law enforcement and military service. In no way, shape or form do they organize or act in the manner of a ‘militia.’

To my knowledge, over 700 of its members came to DC for the planned gatherings and peaceful protests from January 5th to 6th. Out of these 100’s of individuals in DC associated with the OathKeepers, just four have been charged (and are innocent until proven guilty) in connection with the disorder at the Capitol on the 6th.

If there should emerge sufficient evidence that any other members of the organization violated any laws, or were involved in any sort of coordinated scheme to violate any laws, they too should be prosecuted accordingly. Beyond the production of such evidence or other proof of any unlawful acts by any other OathKeepers, the implication that the organization is somehow an extremist group or part of some supposed “insurrection” is just another daft conspiracy theory peddled in typically-dishonest fashion by leftist smear merchants. End of story.

As the New York Daily News knows full well, my wife Nydia reimbursed Sal Greco for the cost of several nights lodging in June in a hotel nearby our Florida home (at the exorbitant rate of $61 a night) and for the cost of a rental car in December when Sal visited us before Christmas when my own borrowed car was in the shop for repairs. I provided the Daily News with a clear explanation of these perfectly legal transactions, but their dishonest partisan reporter simply omitted this information, clearly attempting to misportray them as somehow improper or illegal.

Also included among the many specious claims made by the Daily News in its hit piece is the assertion that Sal Greco’s association with me violated the NY City Police Department’s policy against its officers having contact with convicted felons. Had the Daily News bothered asking their lawyers, or any lawyer, or even anyone with just a rudimentary understanding of the law, it would know that my status as a “felon” ceased to exist at the moment President Trump issued me a full and unconditional pardon.

It is interesting to note that the NYPD officers routinely communicate with “convicted felons” when they use such persons as ‘sources’ to investigate or gather intelligence on possible criminal activity. Seems to be a bit of a contradiction in terms of their emphasis on enforcing such a policy. As a former high-ranking New York Police Department officer told me, “It is a regulation they enforce when they want, and ignore when they want.”

At the heart of this despicable smear job on an honest, hard-working New York City police officer is the core deceit manufactured by this and other propagandists looking to prop up another phony scandal with more false accusations meant to further the Democrat fantasy narrative of an “insurrection.” The Daily News joins a number of other deceitful fake news outlets that have now taken to churning out a whole new series of defamatory publications intended to fabricate some sort of nebulous criminality around me, but without ever specifying, much less presenting a scintilla of evidence to prove any actual crimes.

The Daily News is well aware of the fact that I never left the grounds of The Willard Hotel on January 6th, except to literally leave the city directly traveling to Dulles Airport to return home to Florida. I can state categorically that Officer Greco, Rev. Randy Coggins, Pastor Mark Burns, Kristin Davis, Angela Stanton King and George Papadopolous and his wife were among those who visited me at the hotel throughout that day.

As I recall, Officer Greco left the hotel once to walk to the Ellipse to survey the gathering, which he judged to be pandemonium, with prohibitively-long lines for both VIP and general attendance. Greco was gone for about an hour and reported seeing General Michael Flynn walking with his entourage, wearing a red sweatshirt. Greco was back at the Willard well before Mayor Giuliani or the President spoke at the Ellipse.

I will say what I have now said dozens of times before: I was in no way involved in or aware of any person or any scheme to commit any unlawful act at the Capitol or anywhere in DC either on January 6th or any other day, ever. The Daily News is simply pursuing the vengeful bloodlust that has been triggered among Trump-addled propagandists in the wake of my pardon. This desire for revenge and the fulfillment of my lynching by their corrupt fellow travelers in a kangaroo court farce is now fueling their baseless if not ludicrous insinuations and implications that either I or Sal Greco or anyone I know or have ever known had any knowledge or involvement in illegal conduct on January 6th.

The Daily News tries to inflate to some sort of importance, or relevance, to their shaky would-be narrative implying criminal conduct without ever stating what specifically are any of the supposed crimes involved, that Officer Greco and accused OathKeeper Joshua James were connected on the widely-used cash transfer app, Venmo. They admit they could find not a single financial transaction between the two men’s accounts. Whatever may have led to their merely being connected as “friends” on Venmo, but never exchanging anything through the app, it is far less clear if not completely unintelligible just exactly what it is the Daily News is trying to imply or proclaim to be the crime or even just something unseemly about this. Indeed Venmo will add a person’s contacts automatically if both parties save each others phone number.!!

In publishing this extensive article that is literally without any merit, the New York Daily News is now joining others in the MSM lynch mob  such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC NEWS in their baseless efforts to imply that because I came in contact with and was voluntarily protected by members of this organization who provide security for other Speakers on the 5th I am somehow involved in the illegal events of January 6th. This is a vile lie with no evidence to support it.

For two years the New York Daily News was among those fake news media outlets that insisted falsely that I worked with Russian intelligence to coordinate the release of the entirely accurate emails that exposed the corruption in the Democrats campaign.

This New York Daily News Story is typical particularly since I was neither charged nor convicted of lying to “protect for Trump” which the stunning court-ordered release at midnight on election day November 3rd, 2020, when the US Justice Department issued, by court order a rare midnight release of long-hidden remaining unredacted sections of the Mueller report in which the government admits not having any factual evidence “that I was involved with the Russians or Wikileaks or Assange or that I had any advanced knowledge of the theft and publication of John Podesta’s emails. The Daily News reported …nothing.

The New York Daily News never mentioned that Mueller even said that if he had found evidence that I had received stolen emails from Wikileaks it would have legal political activity. CNN also ignored the point that Mueller’s super-secret report proved that Mueller charged me with lying to Congress about matters he concedes he has less than sufficient evidence I was involved in.

Read the actual filing by the DOJ here rather than the sugar-coated report by Buzzfeed. Even Buzzfeed admitted that I was ‘vindicated.”The exact same people who lied about the criminalization of my perfectly legal political activity in 2016 are lying again.”

Sal Greco is being crucified because he exercised his first amendment rights to not only support President Trump but to provide comfort and friendship to my family in our time of need and friendship for my long-time friend Kristin Davis.  

But even given a courteous response to their loaded questions, The New York Daily News is aware of this but omits my response.  Now Sal Greco’s spotless record in law enforcement and the pension he has paid into are at risk due to the hyped-up smears of the media despite any evidence that he did anything wrong.

Originally published via The Gateway Pundit.

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I Crashed CPAC and My Dance Video Went Viral



I had attended many of the CPAC conferences in the 1980s when its influence manifested itself in Governor Ronald Reagan’s election to two terms in the White House.

While I wasn’t invited to speak there this year, I had other reasons for being in Orlando.

While there, I had an opportunity to talk to Fox News concerning what I believe will be a certain effort by the left to rewrite history and bury President Donald J. Trump’s great achievements. The two wholly politically-motivated and vindicated impeachment attempts demonstrate that the unhinged left will do anything to try to destroy Trump, bury him and then ruin his legacy.

I also had the opportunity to tell off reporters from CNN who have been using “Guilt by Association” and broad innuendo to insinuate that I was somehow involved in the illegal actions at the Capitol on January 6th – a charge they offer no evidence for at all.

The bloodlust and rabid hatred for me on Twitter is driven by the fact that, by the grace of God, I escaped the deadly snare carefully set for me by Congressman Adam Schiff and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Not only was I pardoned, but in Mueller’s final report, the Special Counsel was forced to admit in the long-hidden passages regarding my case that he found “no factual evidence” tying me to Russian intelligence, WikiLeaks or Julian Assange – or indicating that I was aware, in advance, of the phishing and publication of John Podesta’s emails.

None of the major media organizations, who repeatedly accused me of collusion with Russian intelligence and involvement in the timing and dissemination of the WikiLeaks releases, published the truth. They either sugarcoated this stunning announcement by the Department of Justice or, in most cases, never reported it at all.

In recent days, there has been an extraordinary campaign led by ABC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others to imply that I was involved in the riot at the Capitol on January 6th even though I had issued this very categorical denial:

Any statement, claim, insinuation or report alleging, or even implying, that I had any involvement or advance knowledge, about the commission of any unlawful acts by any person or group in or around the U.S. Capitol or anywhere in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 is categorically false. 

There exists absolutely NO true, credible, legitimate or factual evidence to the contrary, because such conduct on my part did not occur. No honest investigation will produce any credible evidence to the contrary.

When ‘Twitter world’ is upset about something, the news operation at the Washington Post and the New York Times go into overdrive. 

The lust for my blood is probably only invigorated by my categorical denial, and their lack of any credible evidence matters little. These are the same kind of vicious, malicious, false attacks which engendered the last witch-hunt and what we now know to be a corrupted Soviet-style show trial with substantial misconduct by the Judge, the prosecutors, and the jury forewoman. 

I also rocked out along with rapper Forgiato Blow on a music video, of which a clip shot outside CPAC and posted to Twitter received over 3.5 Million views.

Needless to say, those who claimed we were glorifying the riot at the Capital ignore the lyrics calling for “peace” in D.C.

Again, more nutty left-wing conspiracy theories with no factual basis. Liberals can’t dance and no longer know how to have fun. They also have no regard for facts or truth.


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Roger Stone Categorically Denies Any Involvement Or Knowledge Of The January 6 Riot



First published at The Gateway Pundit

Any statement, claim, insinuation, or report alleging, or even implying, that I had any involvement in or knowledge, whether advance or contemporaneous, about the commission of any unlawful acts by any person or group in or around the U.S. Capitol or anywhere in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, is categorically false.

There exists absolutely NO true, credible, legitimate, or factual evidence to the contrary, because such conduct on my part did not occur. No honest investigation will produce any credible evidence to the contrary.  Claims that my ‘ties” to the crimes of January 6 must be investigated come on the heels of a shoddy and baseless series of stories by NBC, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the Seattle Times, the scum at Salon, and others using the sleazy technique of ‘guilt by association” to imply that I was somehow involved in the riot at the Capitol January 6th despite any evidence whatsoever to back this claim.

On January 5th in Washington DC, I exercised my free speech rights to support the Greatest President since Abraham Lincoln, Donald J. Trump, and to support the examination of the more-than- circumstantial evidence of voter fraud as well as cyber-manipulation of the vote. There were many, many anomalies about the 2020 vote that raised legitimate questions about the integrity and the transparency of the vote. Making this argument is not sedition or treasonous. I spoke twice at permitted events on January 5th. I recognized that the state-certified votes for Joe Biden would be certified by the Senate but members of both the House and the Senate had legitimate authority to argue and vote for further examination of the reported vote. I was in DC to support that perfectly legal process.

Now they are at it again. Just as these very same, so-called “mainstream” media outlets insisted for two years that I was a Russian asset and collaborated with Wikileaks on the timing of the release of the disclosures that were so damaging to Hillary Clinton, these indisputably-dishonest broadcast and print outlets (that have established for themselves a now lengthy, sordid track record of acting with reckless, if not purposeful, disregard for the truth), are now seeking to implicate me in illegal actions I know nothing about and played no role in.

It’s the Mueller Russian Collusion playbook all over again, like when the New York Times reported on page one above the fold that a Party Ledger had been found in Ukraine that showed Paul Manafort pocketed $28M. The problem was the ledger turned out to be a forgery most likely fabricated by Ukrainian Intelligence and paid for by Victor Pinchuk. The Times reporter who reported this story pushed numerous other false, vicious, and baseless stories.

Their last assault on me was shown to be nothing but a frothy partisan confection designed to sustain a media distortion campaign based on illegal and sometimes inaccurate leaks from Mueller handler Andrew Weissmann and provide cover for my contrived, rigged, and malicious Mueller prosecution.

Just minutes before midnight on November 3, 2020, the US Department of Justice disgorged, by federal court order, the last hidden portions of the Special Counsel Report on Roger Stone.  The DOJ finally admitted that Mueller’s dirty cops, with unlimited taxpayer funding and unlimited legal authority, reviewed over 1 million emails, four years of phone records, hundreds and thousands of text messages at the same time dragging 31 of my current or former associates before the grand jury where they were abused by prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky.  Zelinsky, a hot-headed self-righteous Yalie on a power trip (who got into a fistfight in the DOJ cafeteria with one of his superiors over my sentencing) found no evidence to support the media claim.

Prosecutors then indicted me for lying about events they now concede they could find no evidence I had been involved in. This included any crime involving Russian Intelligence, Wikileaks, or Jullian Assange-including the phishing and publication of John Podesta’s e-mails. So in other words when Robert Mueller said in an OP-ED in the Washington Post after the President commuted my sentence that I was “communicating with Russian Intelligence Officers(s)”, he was lying because his own report proved no such thing.

False statements must be wilful and be material. None of my alleged “lies” to Congress hid any underlying crime. There was never any credible motive to lie. It was a frame-up that assumed that Mueller’s redacted report would remain forever sealed.

Incredibly, Mueller’s prosecutors confessed finding “no factual evidence” to substantiate any criminal charges against me concerning the Russians, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, or anyone else, for that matter. Of the major corporate media outlets that repeatedly and recklessly published, or otherwise broadcast, purported news stories proliferating the demonstrably-false Russian collusion fraud, virtually none saw fit to report this stunning admission that there were no crimes to be found in any of my activities in the 2016 election.

This latest smear, fueled by the contrived hysteria of Democrat drama queens peddling fantasy narratives about the January 6th riot is part and parcel of a long-held vindictive mania to exact retribution for the stunning defeat visited on them by Donald Trump’s historic 2016 election victory.  This and because of the exposure of the unfairness and corruption of the Soviet-style show trial I was subjected to simply because I supported Trump for president and because I refused to bear false witness against him in return for a recommendation of leniency to the Judge in my case.

What we are seeing with this multi-pronged attack media campaign underway today is a redux of the exact template they used in the Russian collusion fraud: constant repetition and the progressive embellishment of false accusations to create a completely-fabricated air of legitimacy and reality despite the absence of any real evidence at all.

Furious that the false narrative they concocted about me in the Mueller witch hunt was ultimately exposed and that the concealed bias of the Jury Forewoman was revealed, essentially leading to my pardon, these same media jackals now seek once again to push baseless allegations to facilitate a prosecution despite an absence of any real evidence or proof of any crime.  Watch Ken Dilanian of NBC News. He’s a shill for the CIA and was once fired by the Chicago Tribune for clearing his histories with the agency.  Watch Ali Dukakis of ABC, whose grandfather was the 1988 Democratic nominee for President and is duplicitous by putting her ambition above her journalistic ethics.  And, by the way, Wolf Blitzer has the worst breath of anyone I’ve ever met.

The fact that members of an organization called the Oath Keepers, comprised of current and former law enforcement officers and retired military veterans supplied a voluntary security detail for me on January 5th does not in any way constitute evidence that I was involved or aware in advance of the unlawful assault on the Capitol and the misguided attempt to stop the Constitutionally prescribed process for certifying the results of the election.

When the Oath Keepers are called a “right-wing militia”, they aren’t.  When they are described as “anti-government and as extremist or violent”,  you are getting a biased analysis from a pasty-faced, 135 lb Ivyleague punk at the New York Times who thinks ANTIFA is just an idea.  Even more absurd is the contention that my public remarks on January 5th in which I expressed my belief in God and an apocalyptical view of America’s future, that this somehow moved people to assault the Capitol is a non-sequitur only CNN would be dishonest enough to claim otherwise.

This constant repetition of the baseless allegation that because I was photographed with members of the Oath Keepers that it means I was involved in the breach of the Capitol, is designed to persuade some politicized prosecutor that the allegation is based in fact. The media’s insistence that Roger Stone had been the recipient of Wikileak’s purloined email and passed it on the Trump campaign, an assumption completely bought by Mueller’s henchman but which was in fact based solely on Stone’s own public Twitter feed would come very close to driving Stone prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky insane.

Based solely on the media drumbeat, the bombastic junior prosecutor became convinced that Stone had received the stolen data, had paid for it, had hidden it, but that proof of all of this eluded him.  Zelinsky became like Ahab with the white whale dragging over 30 witnesses before the grand jury to browbeat them regarding where Stone was hiding the stuff he got from Wikileaks. When Zelinsky couldn’t make a case against me, Mueller Deputy Weissman and the de facto head of the Mueller Investigation, told Zelinsky he was ‘ a dumb son of a bitch”.  Weissmann took the Stone files home to structure a clever but bogus indictment because he knew Judge Amy Berman Jackson would not dismiss Stone’s case.  Zelinsky later made the mistake of lying about Stone’s sentencing memo.  I recently retained lawyer Davis Schoen to file a formal complaint with the office of professional responsibility at the DOJ as well as at the Maryland Bar. Look for a heavy cable TV, radio, and digital media campaign targeting Baltimore demanding Zelinsky be disbarred.

The Oath Keepers provided voluntary security for me when off-duty DC Police officers who usually legally do this work were not available. The Oath Keepers I met were organized and professional as well as courteous. I heard or saw no illegal or inappropriate acts by the Oath Keepers volunteers. If, in fact, any member of the Oath Keepers-(I am told there were at least 500 members in DC) that I met or brushed up against DC was involved in the idiocy of breaching the Capitol, that person should be prosecuted.

No Republican Strategist would think a mob illegally breaking into the Capitol, trespassing, destroying public property or menacing law-makers would somehow help the President’s cause.  Instead, the Deep State uses it to justify the further crack-down on our civil rights and liberties. Those crazy enough to have assaulted the Capitol are not only politically tone-deaf but they engaged in criminal acts. They should face charges.

Sadly, I cannot travel far from home and, in many places near where I live, without private security given the death threat’s to me, my wife, and family, I myself have had many confrontations in public, places, airplanes, streets, restaurants, parking lots and elsewhere. I needed private security- particularly in DC which was a freak-show during my trial.  The Oath Keepers were quiet, respectful, polite, and efficient and I felt safe which is not always the case. My wife was assaulted by a leftist outside our home only weeks ago.

Uncontent with having dragged my name through the mud, having taken two years of my life, having put stress on my poor wife, and driving us to the brink of bankruptcy were not enough.  The judge suspended my First Amendment right to free speech and the media were unwilling to report either the now-proven perjury by government witnesses at my rigged trial or Mueller’s tightly held (redacted) confession that he never had a case against me – and all the leaks about “Stone and Russia” and “Stone and Wikileaks” and “Stone and Assange” were wrong.  The jackals of the media now hope to upend my life again and fuel an investigation to find proof of the unprovable; I was not at the Capitol on January 6th, and categorically deny any knowledge or involvement in the shocking events there.  Any claim to the contrary is unprovable because it is false.

The same people who lied about me in the Russia Hoax and got caught are lying about me again in a vicious, malicious campaign of distortion and destruction, but Roger Stone STILL did nothing wrong.


You can help Roger and his family by donating to the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund here.

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Roger Stone Denounces New York Times Hit-Piece Tying Him to Capitol Riot

Authored by Neil W. McCabe via The Tennessee Star One of President Donald J. Trump’s longest-serving political advisors told the Star News Network the Feb. 14 latest attack piece in The New York Times is part of a mainstream media attempt to tie him to the Jan. 6 chaos in the Capitol. “Just because the […]



Authored by Neil W. McCabe via The Tennessee Star

One of President Donald J. Trump’s longest-serving political advisors told the Star News Network the Feb. 14 latest attack piece in The New York Times is part of a mainstream media attempt to tie him to the Jan. 6 chaos in the Capitol.

“Just because the New York Times says something, why does it mean it’s true? They lied about many things during my trial,” said legendary conservative operative Roger Stone.

The Times article, “First They Guarded Roger Stone. Then They Joined the Capitol Attack,” cites its own review of Capitol security footage to assert that six men providing Stone with personal security were associated with Oath Keepers, a fraternity of men and women with service in law enforcement and or military.

Stone said the connection to the Oath Keepers is more misdirection.

“I can’t find evidence that any of them have been charged,” he said. “CNN brought up the case of a man named Manuta, they showed his picture because he could be seen out in front of the hotel in close proximity to me, and I’d never heard of him before that. According to the CNN, he may have been inside the Capitol. He also may not. His wife says he’s not in a statement.”

The principal author of The Times hit piece is “visual journalist” Christiaan Triebert, a veteran of Bellingcat, the George Soros-backed investigative website. Triebert credits another group, Capitol Terrorists Exposers, with providing critical assistance.

Mr. Stone, a convicted felon who was pardoned by Mr. Trump, has a long history as a self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” political operative who has lived by the edicts of attack, admit nothing, deny everything, and counterattack. He posted a message online denying involvement in “the lawless acts at the Capitol.

We combed through hundreds of videos and photos, and drew on research from an online monitoring group called the Capitol Terrorists Exposers to track the security team that surrounded Mr. Stone on Jan. 5 and 6.
The article also asserts that the same six men took part in the mob that overwhelmed Capitol police while Trump was addressing a rally one mile east in front of the White House’s South Lawn.

“According to The Times, these six men, who, by the way, I’ve never seen their faces or their names before, were arrested in the Capitol,” Stone said. “I’ve seen no news of their arrest anyplace else.”

That’s correct

— Capitol Terrorists Exposers (@CTExposers) February 15, 2021

Stone said the article that ran in Sunday’s print edition was just the latest in a string of hit pieces attempting to tie him to the mayhem at the Capitol that House Democrats exploited to impeach Trump for the second time.

“Now we’re right back at it,” he said. “ABC starts, then CNN, and now The New York Times, but there is no evidence to support the notion that I knew about or in any way have participated in what was a politically stupid act,” he said.

On his website, Stone wrote: “I had no advance knowledge of any plan to storm and breach the Capitol. While the attack on the Capitol was illegal and politically stupid, ABC is using my name as clickbait.”

One headline at took it a step further: “Six Degrees of Sedition: Was Master Tricker Roger Stone Behind the Capitol Riot?” Here is the sub-head: “Stone was linked to several “Stop the Steal” events, and has ties to organizers behind the Jan. 6 rally and attack.”

Stone said it was an insult to his intelligence to suggest he plotted mayhem at the Capitol.

“What supporter of the president would think that a riot in which you trespassed, destroyed public property, and menaced lawmakers would help Donald Trump’s political cause?” he said. “Who would think that? So, it’s the same fake news.”

The Times was just piling on, Stone said. Yet, Triebert was clever in his wording, because he never makes an outright statement, rather he makes allusions to create an impression of what he cannot prove.

“They’ve now done hit pieces in which they use guilt by association based on, in one case, video, in the other case, still photographs to somehow imply that because the Oath Keepers voluntarily supplied security for me–and I believe most of the speakers on the 5th–that that somehow means that I had advanced knowledge or approved of the attack on the Capitol,” he said.

The former campaign staffer for President Richard M. Nixon and President Ronald W. Reagan said security is paramount, because negative media reports have made him unfairly notorious.

“I normally, because of the many death threats and the threats against my family, it’s impossible for me to travel without security,” he said. “I usually have to pay for it out of my own pocket. Usually, I use off duty DC police officers, as I did during my trial. But there weren’t any available because of the lockdown, because they were all called into work.”

Stone said it was also unfair of The Times to refer to him as “a convicted felon who was pardoned by Mr. Trump,” a characterization that fails to inform the reader that Stone was innocent of the original charges and was instead convicted of unrelated process crimes.

The Florida resident was initially accused of being an agent or courier for Russian intelligence, who acted as a go-between for Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign. In this role, Stone was purported to have facilitated the transfer of Russian-gathered opposition research to journalist Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks website.

This height of this mania was when CNN, working off inside information from law enforcement, broadcast live the Jan. 25, 2019 pre-dawn raid on Stone’s Fort Lauderdale residence.

“The hard left, the fake news media, is very bitter over the fact that the president pardoned me–this is really important—on November 3rd, this past election day, at midnight, the Department of Justice released the last unredacted sections of Mueller’s report in which he admitted that he never had any evidence against me regarding the Russians, the WikiLeaks, or Assange, at all,” he said.

“No factual evidence, his words, and, he concluded, even if I had distributed material obtained from WikiLeaks, which they had no evidence of, it would have been legal,” he said.

Stone said despite all the coverage given to the original charges by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, when Mueller’s actual lack of evidence was ignored by the mainstream media.

“None of these bastards reported that,” Stone said.

“They reported when I was accused, they all ignored this. And you’ve been in the news business a long time, who puts out a press release at midnight? Well, that’s the old data dump.”

Authored by Neil W. McCabe via The Tennessee Star

Content retrieved from:

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Roger Stone, NXIVM, Russian Collusion and the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol



By Frank Parlato

Many who follow the Frank Report know that my politics are nothing like Roger Stone’s.

He might say I lean left [as compared to him] – and the reality is that I do distrust the never-ending professions of integrity and altruism of government officials, and I want to limit their powers in support of freedom.

I think many politicians and government officials are a blend of fulsome excrement, stupidity, cupidity, and self-serving, naked greed, unbridled egoism and obsession with their own vanity. Many of the rest are just fulsome excrement. Their powers need to be checked.

My own brush with the US Justice system, and the Orwellian-named Department of Justice, educated me as to how corrupt, politicized and malicious that process can be.

When combined with the power of corporately-owned news media, they have the power to frame a false narrative, coverup murder, and send an innocent person to prison, while ignoring serious crime by elites.

I learned this first-hand in my difficult early (but ultimately successful) efforts to expose the multimillion-dollar con and sex-cult of a self-styled guru named Keith Raniere.

Raniere was not the self-help apostle or genius I had been told he was when I went to work for NXIVM, which billed itself as a totally new, once in an eon, self-improvement “way of thinking” as taught by Raniere. It was “the greatest invention since humans invented writing” was how his teachings were sold.  I was also told he had the highest IQ of any human ever tested.

In fact, it was a hugely profitable scam in which Raniere and his psychopathic henchwomen recruited the sons and daughters of wealthy children from wealthy families with bulging trust funds.

Keith Raniere wearing glasses closeup shot
Keith Raniere

Raniere and his minions took in millions of dollars which they invested in real estate, which was put in the name of Raniere’s enforcer, Nancy Salzman. Raniere systematically drained the trust funds of the scions of one of the great American fortunes – the House of Bronfman.

They also looted the trust funds of the offspring of the long socially-prominent Cafritz family in DC – and took more through the children of Mexico’s former president, the fabulously wealthy Carlos Salinas, among others of Mexico’s elite families.

Keith Alan Raniere with DC heiress Pamela Cafritz.

As I was coming to work, handling public relations and other issues for NXIVM, and at a time I knew nothing about the inner workings of Raniere and his group, the controversial Republican consultant, Roger Stone, was just leaving his brief consulting gig with the organization.

In fact, it was Stone who first warned me about Keith Raniere and the NXIVM set-up.

“His course is some kind of mind control bullshit,” Stone told me back in 2007. “It’s clear that Raniere has lifted millions of dollars from the trust funds of his marks,” he told me.

Stone also told me about his own brief interaction with Keith and his crew.

Roger Stone

“They hired me to advise them on a strategy to gain political access through their large contributions, but I could never get them to understand how the system worked legally,” Stone said in exasperation. “I explained to them repeatedly that one could not condition a large contribution to a politician on the government official performing some kind of governmental chore or providing some benefit in return.

“I explained to them that all they were buying with their political contributions was ‘goodwill’ and a fair hearing, if they had some legitimate governmental problem or issue. However, the trading of specific things – such as the criminal indictment of one of their enemies (the ex-girlfriend and partner of Keith) could not be ‘purchased’ and that you would be prosecuted and go to prison for bribery if you even tried such a thing,” Stone said.

Stone urged me away from the cult repeatedly. He would often begin phone calls to me with, “How’s the world’s smartest man today?” meaning Raniere.

I would say “I’m doing fine.”

Stone would go into a tirade. “This guy Raniere is full of shit and the whole thing looks like a financial scam to me, but I say get the hell away from these people because they’re playing with millions of dollars which they stole from somewhere,” he said.

Stone would tell me years later, “That in the three months that I worked for them, I never saw any evidence of the secretive sex cult that Raniere built to feed his own depravities. All I saw was rich middle-aged housewives and divorcees getting fleeced by this prick.”

I can well understand that he did not see anything depraved. I worked closely with the group and I never saw it either. It was well hidden. It was not revealed to outsiders.

In my early struggles to expose how evil and corrupt Raniere was, I was hampered because law enforcement and the media refused to examine the truth, in part, I think because the cult had the credibility of the Bronfman support.

Oftentimes, whistleblowers wound up being indicted. Bronfmans hired attorneys well-connected to the law enforcement agencies handling the matter and Raniere escaped prosecution for decades.

Because of this, I was able to get little traction in my early, one-man effort to expose the truth about Raniere, his highly lucrative financial hustle, and his sex-cult where he was attended to by a harem of personal sex slaves.

It’s the reason I started the Frank Report [to tell the story directly, independent of the mainstream media] and begin laying out the shocking facts about the upstate New York-based cult and the secret sexual rituals of a small, elite harem of concubines whose fidelity and allegiance to Raniere were ultimately marked with a brand in their pubic area with Raniere’s initials.

DOS brand applied to the groins of slaves of Raniere.

Had I never begun laying out the facts at the Frank Report, the New York Times [which credited me for breaking the story] would never have taken the time or interest in investigating an organization so heavily funded by the entirely respectable and politically-correct Bronfman family.

Roger Stone and Randy Credico  

Because I knew Roger Stone, I took a keen interest in the mainstream media frenzy that grew out of the Russian collusion allegations that alleged that Stone, who was a political adviser and associate for Donald Trump for over 30 years, was working with the Russian State to interfere in the election and was, allegedly, the recipient of stolen data which the Russians allegedly hacked from the Democratic National Committee.

I decided to look at the evidence and decide for myself what I thought.

Stone insisted at the time that the only source of the limited information he had – that WikiLeaks had obtained detrimental data on Hillary Clinton, which Julian Assange himself admitted as early as June of 2016 – was one individual.

Stone said the tip that WikiLeaks would drop their report on Hillary in October, just prior to the election – and that it was devastating” – came from longtime anti-drug law activist Randy Credico who was a friend of Stone’s.

Randy Credico told me he was the source for Roger Stone.

Stone had been a major critic of New York’s draconian, racist “Rockefeller drug laws”.

I decided to interview Credico.

In fact, I was the journalist for who interviewed the government’s chief witness against Stone, Randy Credico, who admitted to me – on the record – that he was, indeed, the source of what little information Stone had regarding the plans by WikiLeaks to release data in October 2016 about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

This seems to be the direct opposite of what Credico testified to during Stone’s trial.

I recall seeing pages of text messages that show Credico telling Stone when Assange would drop his load of information.

Julian Assange

I understand that at least three witnesses told the Grand Jury convened to indict Stone that Credico admitted to them directly that he was Stone’s WikiLeaks source – and that Credico bragged about having an ‘in” with one of WikiLeaks lawyers.

Despite this being entirely exculpatory, Robert Mueller’s prosecutors didn’t care.

Credico’s testimony at Stone’s trial appears to be perjury and appears to have been suborned.

Robert Mueller wanted Roger Stone at all costs.

For two years, virtually every major mainstream media outlet – including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and others – insisted that Stone would be proven to be the “access point” for the Trump campaign with WikiLeaks and its publisher, Julian Assange.

When Stone was indicted for “lying to Congress” rather than for any crime associated with the WikiLeaks disclosures, these same reporters insisted that Stone’s trial would ultimately reveal more extensive crimes involving WikiLeaks.

The Washington Post and the New York Times it seemed to me pushed this narrative.

That Stone’s trial was a one-sided travesty is beyond dispute. The granting of a motion by the Government prohibiting Stone’s defense attorneys from raising the question of misconduct by the Special Counsel’s Office, the Department of Justice, the FBI, or any member of Congress is not only patently unconstitutional but any reasonable person might ask why the prosecutors would make such a motion if there was no misconduct to raise.

Prosecutors committed misconduct in the prosecution of Gen. Michael Flynn.

The Special Counsel’s misconduct in General Flynn’s case, which ultimately led to a move by the Department of Justice to dismiss the charges against him, certainly makes one wonder if prosecutions are entirely political – it being more a question of who, than of what was done.

The first nine pages of Stone’s indictment written by Mueller’s “deputy,” Andrew Weissman, insist that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee and gave the stolen data to WikiLeaks. The trial judge, US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, prohibited Stone’s lawyers from using either expert testimony or forensic evidence to disprove the entire underlying premise of Stone’s indictment.

Stone’s lawyers got the FBI to admit that they never examined the DNC computer servers and that CrowdStrike, a private company hired by the DNC, was the source of the entire Russian hacking story. The report was later discredited because CrowdStrike told the FBI that they had no evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC, but that only became known when Acting Director of National Intelligence, Rick Grennell, got the DOJ and FBI records declassified and the origins of the Russian collusion investigation exposed its political purpose and the hoax collapsed.

When FBI Director James Comey said to Congress under oath that the Steele Dossier was but one piece of evidence “in a broad mosaic of evidence” justifying the FISA Court warrant, and when Roger Stone’s lawyers got the Government to admit that was a lie, all hell broke loose.

James Comey

It became imperative that Stone be silenced.

When an image Stone posted on Instagram was incorrectly reported as posing a threat to the Judge overseeing Stone’s trial and a media feeding frenzy ensued, Judge Jackson used it to justify a gag order under which Stone could not defend himself from the avalanche of invective coming his way.

The gag-order was also likely unconstitutional, but an appeal to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals languished for months before that court threw the decision back to the trial judge. By that time, the point was moot because Stone’s trial, and lynching, was imminent.

The misconduct of the jury forewoman is the most outrageous and egregious example of the corruption of Stone’s trial. The jury forewoman posted direct attacks on Stone and praised the Mueller prosecutors, as well as multiple attacks on President Trump on both Facebook and Twitter in 2019.

The juror, Tomeka Hart, hid these postings on a private setting during jury selection and during the trial – and deleted them only after Stone was found guilty.

Jury forewoman, Tomeka Hart, had her favorites – and her biases – against Stone in particular.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s insistence that none of the actions were indicative of bias against Stone, boggles the mind.

These irregularities in Stone’s trial and the political motivation of his initial indictment moved President Donald Trump to commute Stone’s sentence in July of 2020, when both the trial judge and the Appeals Court ordered Stone to surrender, at age 68, to a correctional facility where inmates had a substantial number of COVID-19 cases – and where none of the CDC protocols to restrict the spread of the virus were being observed.

Stone called it a “death sentence” and the Appeals Court decision appeared to violate all contemporaneous legal precedents, as well as current Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons regulations.

So much for the “rule of law.”

Donald Trump and Roger Stone.

President Donald Trump tracked every move by the judge, saw Stone was not being given a fair trial, and not only commuted Stone’s nearly four-year prison sentence but gave him a full and unconditional pardon on December 23, 2020.

This is why some of the same media members who accused Stone of being in cahoots with the Russians and WikiLeaks – and who were so tickled when it appeared Stone might die in prison – were nearly hysterical when Stone eluded them.

Bannon Looms Large

When the House Intelligence Committee declassified the testimony of Steve Bannon, it was learned that Bannon’s sworn testimony before the Committee completely contradicted his testimony as Mueller’s star witness at Stone’s trial.

George Washington University Law Professor, Jonathan Turley told the NY Post, “There does appear a glaring and irreconcilable conflict in what Bannon stated in testimony before Congress and the court. What is striking is that this was not a peripheral point but one of the main areas of inquiry…He has two diametrically opposite sworn statements in a high-profile controversy with dozens of attorneys in attendance.”

Additionally, Government prosecutors had an obligation to disclose to Stone’s defense attorney that Bannon was under investigation. They did not do so.

Bogus Evidence

Then, at midnight on election day, November 3rd, 2020, the Department of Justice, in order to be in compliance with a court order, released the last unredacted sections of the ‘Mueller Report’ regarding Roger Stone.

Incredibly, the Special Counsel’s report admitted that they had found no factual evidence whatsoever to charge Stone with any crime pertaining to the Russians, WikiLeaks or Assange.

What Government agency releases news at midnight on the busiest media day of the year unless they want to ensure that there will be little to no media coverage of their disclosures?

The unveiled final report sugar-coated their failure to find “sufficient evidence,” when they actually found no evidence whatsoever.

Did CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and ABC News report on this shocking proof that all the accusations made against Roger Stone were false?

No, although Buzzfeed did report that the DOJ release vindicated Stone.

Now we see the same phenomena happening again.

Extensive pieces by Mother Jones, Salon and other liberal media outlets insist that Stone was in some way responsible for the riot in the US Capitol on January 6th despite the fact that Stone himself was not present on The Ellipse, did not march to the Capitol, and was not at the Capitol at any time on January 6th.

Then the ‘big boys” jumped in with ABC News, CNN and the New York Times all laying out their baseless, unconfirmed, contrived “guilt-by-association” implication that because the Oath Keepers organization provided voluntary security for Stone in Washington DC  (I can tell you firsthand, from the time I interviewed him in his Fort Lauderdale home, Stone is a constant target of threats, as are his wife and family) does not mean Stone knew beforehand, or is in any way involved with the assault on the US Capitol by an out of control mob on January 6th.

I have independently confirmed that other than a brief appearance at the front of the hotel, Stone never left the Willard Hotel property until 6 pm on the day of the riot.

These same “reporters” who insisted for two years that Stone was a Russian asset who would be charged with treason, espionage, conspiracy against the United States and other major crimes – despite lacking any evidence to prove these charges – now insist just as baselessly that Roger Stone was somehow involved in the unlawful acts of January 6th.

As a journalist who has an obligation to examine the facts, as I did in Stone’s case and trial, as well as today – these contrived attacks on Stone are, in my opinion, just as baseless as the earlier claim that Stone was a Russian 007.

There is no evidence that Stone had anything whatsoever to do with the insurrection on Capitol Hill.

These same media outlets play an aggressive game of guilt-by-association but provide no evidence of Stone’s involvement in the violations of law at the Capitol that day.

In fact, a screenshot of Stone’s Parler account shows that Stone denounced the violence and called for the prosecution of the perpetrators as soon as news broke concerning the misguided actions of those inside the Capitol.

These leftist media outlets, who completely ignored the election day disclosures which essentially proved that Stone’s prosecution was baseless, now hope to get Government investigators interested in a new, completely false narrative, once again.

Based on what I know, Roger Stone did nothing wrong and it appears that his pardon is driving his critics nuts.

By Frank Parlato via

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