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Was the Pandemic a Massive Coup Attempt by the Pharma Mafia?

Part 1 of a 3 part comprehensive synopsis of the book Presidential Takedown- the explosive testimony of one of the Warp Speed doctors.



Originally published by Gabrielle Fox in Politi-Psych

You would think everyone would rush out to buy this book, but the harsh reality is, many people simply won’t sit down and read an almost 200 page book these days. Sad but true…

However, I am here to assist.

I preordered this book when I learned of its context and author, and have been dying to dive into it. Let me just say: I was blown away by the Intro alone.

To begin, let’s discuss the author first and his background.

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander is an epidemiologist with a focus on clinical epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, and research methodology. He has a master’s in epidemiology from University of Toronto, a master’s degree from Oxford University, and he earned his PhD from McMaster’s Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact.

He has additional training in Bioterrorism/Biowarfare from John’s Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Alexander is a former WHO Consultant and Senior Advisor to US Department of HHS in 2020 for the COVID-19 response during the Trump Administration.

McMaster University, although not widely known by Americans, is considered the world’s leader in EBM or evidence-based medicine, ahead of even Stanford or Harvard.

(Sidenote: I don’t know about you, but I would like my medicine to be evidence-based.)

Dr. Alexander worked as:

  • An assistant professor of EBM and research methodology, the WHO as a regional specialist/epidemiologist for Europe’s Regional office covering Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Poland projects
  • For the Canadian government at Health Canada Population & Public Health Branch for 12 years, with 2 years spent as an in-field epidemiologist for South Asia for tuberculosis and HIV control
  • As a lead trainer in evidence synthesis and the development of systematic review for the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Gab- why are you telling me all these boring details?


And because the synopsis of this book that I am about to share with you will blow your socks off especially* if you understand just how scientifically solid this man is, ok?

Let’s jump into one of the most contentious and devastating parts of the pandemic- the impact on children.

Dr. Alexander has this as one of the main focal points in the book, which I highly respect him for. In fact, he outlines how the reason he was forced to resign from HHS was because he dared to “school” Fraudci (that is what I will call him forever) and his team on the simple fact that Fraudci had ZERO EVIDENCE for masking children or prolonging school lockdowns in favor of distance learning. Dr. A understood the damage that was being inflicted on children with no scientific basis for it.

What do you mean by “school”?

Well Dr. A simply requested that Fraudci’s team provide him with actual evidence before going on MSDNC (yes I enjoy making appropriate adjustments to these criminal’s names and organizations), and telling parents that they should continue to inflict psychological and developmental torture on their children in the name of $cience and useless masks.

Spoiler alert: They had no evidence.

Their weak attempt to provide “sources” was quickly dismissed and debunked by an actual evidence-based epidemiologist- Dr. A.

However, it immediately put a large target on his back by the diva himself, Fraudci. Before I tell you the absolutely abhorrent account of what happened shortly after this email exchange between “the team” and Dr. A, I must tell you about the real Anthony Fauci…

Dr. A’s first glimpse into the temperament and personality of Fraudci was during “murder boarding”, which is a technique used to help officials prepare for Congressional hearings.

He would get visibly angry when asked preparatory or anticipatory questions by Dr. A and others, even telling leadership who was present he was not going to answer. Dr. A goes on to explain in the book that Fraudci’s diva-like behavior should come as no surprise, given his Business Insider profile about the Fraudci documentary in which he said his “guiding philosophy” in life was from the movie the Godfather- “It’s not personal. It’s strictly business”.

Surrounded by his “yes” men and women, Dr. A expressed that Fraudci walked around like a mafia don, whispering orders to his obedient scientist soldiers and keeping his hands “clean”. Fraudci and Dr. Francis Collins had 30.8 BILLION dollars to hand out to their soldiers and preferred collaborators… and they have a similar amount every year with which to influence the world of $cience. As Dr. A states in the book, “There is no way in science you can escape the tentacles of control generated by this money.”

According to the Great Barrington Declaration, originally written by eminent researchers from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford, and eventually signed by thousands of researchers including Dr. A… Dr. Collins and Fraudci seemingly colluded in order to prevent reasonable scientific debate regarding the Covid pandemic and quash evidence-based dissent from the scientific community.

READ THAT AGAIN. But why wasn’t it on CNN? Lol.

An important note to mention: Dr. Alexander (a Canadian by the way, for those thinking he’s some MAGA fan) stated many times just in the Intro and first couple of chapters how hard President Trump fought the lockdowns, was visibly and deeply emotionally affected when he heard of increased suicides in children, increased child abuse, and business owners/laid off employees taking their own life due to lockdowns. He said Trump fought passionately, but like everyone else on the side of true science, was “under constant threat from him [Fraudci] directly and from his team and handlers that they would leak to the press that the White House, President Trump, HHS, others, and I [Dr. A] were trying to muzzle him”. In which the media and Dems would have a frenzy to call for Trump’s impeachment for public endangerment, I would assume.

Now back to what I will call Bombshell #1 of this book which entails exactly what Fraudci and Co, along with people inside the CDC, FDA, and NIH, thought of Dr. Alexander and what ultimately led to his forced resignation. (For clarity, that means a letter stating resign or we will fire you publicly from the American government).

A day or two approximately after the emails in which Dr. A “schooled” Fraudci and his team, so to speak, there was a meeting held in where new faces* from the government attended and then asked to speak with Dr. A privately afterwards. Trigger warning: what they said to him that I will share in a more concise manner is very discriminatory and shocking.

Basically, they* alluded to his bold manner of speaking and his “Jamaican” or Caribbean accent, and although they* often agreed with what he was saying, that Dr. A had “made a serious mistake by criticizing Dr. F and the NIH openly“. When Dr. A simply stated he was only speaking of science and things supported by data, their response was “Nobody questions Fauci… and by doing it openly… you made yourself a target for his shop“.

They* went on to say high-level officials at CDC, NIH, and FDA were questioning “why would this person, this Black Jamaican island person who is technically a volunteer, this Black guy, a so-called scientist, think he can lecture Dr. Fauci and the NIH, coming from a low village type unknown university (remember his college is known globally as the world’s leading evidence-based medicine school), this non-pedigree university. We are not going to be lectured by a Black low-level-type scientist…”

Obviously Dr. A defended himself and his schooling and then asked how this could be addressed. They* answered: “the NIH and CDC and Fauci will move to destroy your name and career now, and you will never be able to work in DC or recover. They will use the media to slander you and cancel you and censor you”. When Dr. A asked what he could do, their response was “There is nothing you can do. It’s already been decided. They’re going to cut your balls off. In a few days they’re going to leak a few lines of an email of yours and build a story around it. The media is waiting and will mischaracterize it and write falsehoods so that your name will be dirt. You’ll be a rogue, nut scientist working for Trump who wants children to die. These people are experts at destroying the careers of people they don’t like. There’s nothing you can do to stop this. We just wanted you to know what’s coming because we really like you and the science-based informed things you’ve been saying. The truth is that it is not about you, Paul; this is about Trump. You work for him and his HHS so you are marked for destruction as all who work there for him, so don’t take what they are about to do to your name and career personally… Fauci and NIH will ensure you are fired.”

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the synopsis of Presidential Takedown by Dr. Paul Elias Alexander and Kent Heckenlively, JD.

(if you’d like to buy the book, it is now available to order online)

As always, thank you for your time and attention. May God lead us all to the truth and may His people return to His word. If you enjoyed reading this or found it insightful, please share. You can also support my work by subscribing here.

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