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For the last year, I have been a featured speaker on the ReAwaken America Tour sponsored by General Michael Flynn and organized by entrepreneur Clay Clark. Throughout the United States, these events have gathered thousands of American citizens, particularly those who have been deplatformed, censored or canceled by Big Tech on social media.

Speakers at these events include General Flynn, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, actor Jim Cavaziel, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Senator Wendy Rogers, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxon, TP USA’s Charlie Kirk, journalist Laura Logan, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States Bishop Carlo Maria Viganò, among many other conservative, Health Freedom and Christian speakers.

Prior to a recent ReAwaken America Tour event in Virginia Beach, a host of “Christian clerics” who are far more Marxist than they are Christian, falsely attacked the event, insisting that everyone involved was a “White nationalist” and that our position putting Country above God was a threat to our democracy. Needless to say, no one who has ever spoken at a ReAwaken America Tour event has ever put Country above God, even as we revere the United States as a Christian-based Nation.

A phony grassroots pressure campaign aided and abetted by a Japanese rock band, who was scheduled to play the venue but whose music is unlistenable, raised hell with the Main Street Armory, where the event was scheduled to be held on August 12th and 13th, causing the venue to bow to “woke” pressure and cancel the event.

These critics of the event claimed that it would draw “White supremacists,” another ludicrous lie. Needless to say, Business Insider elected to use my photo in their online story. Name calling and virtue signaling are these distortionist freaks’ modus operandi. I am sure that Pastor Mark Burns and Bishop Leon Benjamin, two of the most popular African-American speakers on the ReAwaken America Tour would be amused to hear themselves called “White supremacists.”

Anyone falsely labeling me as a “White supremacist” knows nothing whatsoever about my 40-year record in American politics. I worked for the President of the United States who both desegregated the public schools, increased ninefold funding for civil rights enforcement by the Department of Justice and tripled funding for Black colleges. At the same time, introducing the policy of Affirmative Action; Richard Nixon. I still take a beating from many conservatives because I continue to support the policy of Affirmative Action.

I am proudest of my work in the presidential campaign of Congressman Jack Kemp, who championed a broader, more inclusive Republican Party that would return to its civil rights roots. I am also proud of my work to elect Governor Thomas H. Kean of New Jersey, who also retained me through the New Jersey Republican State Committee to successfully elect the first Black Republican Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I am also a harsh critic of America’s current racist drug laws. The “War on Drugs,” as begun by President Richard Nixon, focused on major drug traffickers and drug dealers. It was U.S. Senate Judiciary Chairman Joe Biden and President Bill Clinton, who introduced the harsh mandatory penalties for the first-time nonviolent crime of possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use, that has been used to mass incarcerate hundreds of thousands of African-Americans. It is undeniable that under the Biden-Clinton policies, the mandatory penalty for possession of powdered cocaine (used by rich White people) is not as harsh as the mandatory penalty for possession of rock cocaine (more commonly used by poor people and people of color). People with drug abuse problems belong in drug treatment programs, not in brutal and expensive incarceration. I have written about this, spoken about it at rallies and marched for drug law reform.

I also supported the only President to enact meaningful criminal justice reform since the racist Biden/Clinton policies were put in place, President Donald J. Trump, who pushed and signed both the “First Step Act” and the “Second Chance Act” which jointly had the effect of releasing thousands of African-Americans trapped in the bowels of the prison-industrial complex. When Democrats like John Lewis opposed these vital measures only because they were sponsored and supported by Donald Trump, they proved that politics is more important to them than justice.

It is also notable that under President Donald Trump, African American unemployment dropped to the lowest point in our history; while Black employment reached all time highs. “A rising tide lifts all boats,” as John Kennedy said and Jack Kemp appropriated.

I have also been a longtime proponent of a posthumous presidential pardon for early civil rights leader Marcus Garvey. In 2017, I urged President Donald Trump to issue such a pardon to Garvey, who had clearly been framed by the FBI for tax evasion in the 1920’s—when Garvey’s movement to organize African-Americans around the principles of education, responsibility, and self-reliance was attracting thousands of adherents. Garvey was a threat to the White power structure. While I was later pleased with President Trump’s decision to pardon heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson, who had been prosecuted for allegedly taking a White woman across a state border for sex, but whose real crime was being a Black National Heavyweight Champion. I was always disappointed that Trump did not pardon Marcus Garvey, although perhaps he will revisit the issue when he returns to the White House in January of 2025.

Calling anyone they disagree with a “White supremacist” is a vile and despicable practice of smear, but one need only surf through the comments on Twitter to recognize that it is a willful, organized campaign of defamation. Is it the purposeful generation of hate and it has put my family in danger.

The ReAwaken America Tour originally scheduled for Rochester has not been canceled but the location has moved to the Cornerstone Church in Batavia, New York.Get tickets at

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