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By Roger Stone

Yesterday I accepted service from an Obama controlled left wing front group called “Protect our Democracy”, who is suing the Trump campaign and myself, claiming that I violated the civil rights of three DNC donors who were identified by WikiLeaks. This is based on the false premise that I colluded with the Russians to hack the DNC email servers and deliver the material to Julian Assange.

Ironically, the lawsuit for invasion of privacy contained my home address in the caption that was posted online and emailed to virtually every reporter in America.  Frankly I am tired of the death threats and daily vituperation my family is subjected to on social media and the net but I’ll never stop speaking out.

This ridiculous lawsuit offers no evidence nor proof of these wild allegations but merely strings together a series of publicly reported falsehoods regarding my contacts and alleged advance knowledge of the Wiki Leaks disclosures. It’s actually hard to believe that any reputable lawyer would put their name on this preposterous lawsuit and not realize that they are courting sanctions.

The left knows that any time and energy I have to spend to defend this bogus lawsuit is focus I cannot put on defeating the Deep State Coup D’état now taking place with the Generals seizing control of the White House and Robert Muller as the designated Lord High Executioner. This lawsuit is designed to be a pain in the ass, a distraction and an absurd abuse of the Judicial process.

The lawyers putting their name on this piece of crap include a former Federal Judge and several partners of prestigious white-shoe law firms. I can predict that each of them will be subject to complaints to their respective State Bars over this frivolous abuse of due process. These complaints cannot just be dismissed and hearings and bar investigation will be real.

It is notable that this nuisance lawsuit treats the claim that the DNC servers were hacked as an indisputable fact when in fact, only last week a number of experienced intelligence agency veterans came forward to say that the technological evidence indicates that the purloined material was not hacked at all but was most likely loaded to thumb drives and removed from the premises.

The British Diplomat Craig Murray publicly claimed that he received this data in a parking lot near Washington’s American University and passed it on to Wiki Leaks. Julian Assange has publicly confirmed this. There has been widespread speculation than the person who handed the thumb drive to Murray is none other than Seth Rich.

Why do all of those who think the polite thing to do is to stop asking who murdered Seth Rich ignore the fact that Julian Assange publicly offered a $25,000 reward for information that led to the capture of Rich’s murderer? Although Assange has declined to confirm that Seth Rich was indeed a source, it is notable that he has posted the links to numerous third-party stories that make this claim.

The Obama funded lawsuit relies upon the hacking of the DNC, and is therefore based on something that actually never happened. Isn’t it curious that DNC never let the FBI examine the so called hacked email servers? Instead the DNC used a private contractor, CrowdStrike to perpetuate an entirely false narrative about Russians hacking the DNC.

It doesn’t matter how many mindless Intelligence Agency bureaucrats or idiotic members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees repeat the mantra “the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee.” None of them can produce any actual proof that this happened. Neither can the lawyers behind this ludicrous harassment lawsuit.

Their lawsuit is a steaming bowl of shit. Post hoc ergo propter hoc, “after this, therefore because of this” is a fallacy as a legal premise. That I had some knowledge of the events that unfolded does not in any way prove that I made those things happen or that I colluded with agents of the Russian State or anyone else to tip the election to Donald Trump.

This poorly drafted harassment lawsuit recycles again the false claim that my tweets somehow prove that I had advance knowledge of the hacking of John Podesta’s email simply because I predicted that his business dealings with his brother Tony and the Clintons with the oligarchs around Putin were going to get scrutiny. In fact, the Uranium deal, the Joule banking deal and the lucrative Gazprom contract were all reported by the mainstream media in the fall.

Note I tweeted it the day my friend Paul Manafort stepped down over trumped up charges that he had done something improper in the campaigns of Victor Yanukovych. I knew from an opposition report by Dr. Jerome Corsi that I had read on August 1st, that Podesta was in tight with Putin and had money laundered funds from the Russian Mafia. I even wrote about it.

WikiLeaks themselves posted on their Twitter feed on July 21st the bold declaration that they had the goods on Hillary Clinton and that they would publish them in October. I most certainly had an independent source, a journalist who knows Assange confirmed that the tweet was accurate. I have at various times described this journalist as a “go between” “emissary” and “mutual friend.” Throughout August and September this journalist continued to assure me that WikiLeaks had and would publish devastating information that would severely harm Hillary Clinton’s prospects in the election. He was right.

None of this, however, proves that I had advanced knowledge of the content, format or source of any of the material, nor did I have any knowledge of where it came from. I speculated that much of the material would be related to the Clinton Foundation which actually turned out to be partially true.

Those who criticized WikiLeaks and Julian Assange for publishing material from whistle blowers or classified material are strongly urged  to read the court’s decision in USA v. New York Times in The Pentagon Papers case. The Washington Post routinely publishes purloined  material that’s classified. Bob Woodward has made a career of it. Julian Assange is a journalist who belongs to no party or ideology. He clearly sees the evil of the Deep State and the bi-partisan duopoly that has managed America for the last 30 years and presided over the erosion of our civil liberties and the destruction of our economy.

CIA Mike Pompeo continues to smear Julian Assange as a “Russian asset” which is false. Sources tell me that the Justice Department has convened a secret Grand Jury in order to secure an indictment against Julian Assange, although what law he has allegedly broken is not clear. It’s a slippery slope when you start jailing journalists.

This liberal hit job lawsuit against me and the Trump Campaign also recycles the misinformation about a now public exchange with Guccifer 2.0 a hacker the Intelligence Agency insists, again without proof that he is a Russian cut out. In fact, there is direct evidence showing that the computer program allegedly used by Guccifer 2.0 is actually registered to a Democratic National Employee. The simple fact is that my only exchange with Guccifer 2.0 was over the direct message function of Twitter and came almost six weeks after Wikileaks published the DNC material which Guccifer claims he hacked. Therefore, collusion by me would be impossible without a time machine. Any inference that this constituted collusion is disproved by the timing, content and context of the actual exchange

I have released the entire exchange publicly and it is banal and innocuous. In fact, when Guccifer 2.0 sends me a link to some kind of vote targeting program, which I later learned was stolen by some Florida Political Consultant, I entirely disregarded it as “pretty standard” and forwarded it to no one. He asks how he can help me and I ignore the offer.

Factcheck.org which is funded by the Walter Annenberg Foundation confirmed that there was no evidence that I knew about the hacking of Podesta’s emails or that I had advance knowledge of the content of the WikiLeaks Clinton October disclosures. They correctly point out the “coincidence” that was footnoted by the timing of some of my tweets.

This lawsuit which the Obama’s “Project for Democracy” is actively using for fund raising merely recycles the demonstrably false claims of the buffoons on the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. The lawsuit itself proves less than nothing. It’s clear that the Democrats, frustrated by the failure of either Congressional Committee to find evidence of collusion between the Russians and the Trump Campaign, would now like use this baseless lawsuit to conduct a “fishing expedition” and distract me from the fight to Make America Great Again.

Unfortunately, I have no choice but to defend against the suit by retaining an attorney admitted to the DC Bar. The costs of a long-drawn-out harassment lawsuit are more than my family can bare when coupled with the ongoing legal costs of negotiations with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, neither of whom want to allow me to testify in public for fear that I will humiliate them and expose the entire canard of Russian collusion. That’s why my friends have set up the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund which you can find at: http://www.whoframedrogerstone.com/.





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