Will Terrorists Strike On US Soil? Brigitte Gabriel of ACT For America Enters The StoneZONE



Addressing the Threat of Terrorism: Brigitte Gabriel’s Insightful Discussion on The StoneZONE

In a recent episode of The StoneZONE, Roger Stone engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of ACT For America. The episode, titled “Will Terrorists Strike On US Soil?”, delves into the pressing and often controversial topic of national security and the threat of terrorism in the United States.

Brigitte Gabriel, known for her expertise and outspoken views on global terrorism, shares her insights into the current and future landscape of national security. The conversation explores various aspects of terrorism, including potential threats, the role of government policies, and the importance of public awareness in combating these issues.

Key Points of Discussion:

  1. Evaluating Current Threats: Gabriel provides her perspective on the present state of terrorist activities and potential risks on U.S. soil.
  2. Government and Policy: A look at how U.S. policies have evolved in addressing terrorism and what more can be done.
  3. Public Awareness and Action: The importance of educating the public on recognizing and responding to security threats.
  4. ACT For America’s Role: Gabriel discusses the mission and initiatives of ACT For America in national security advocacy.

This episode is crucial for understanding the complexities and challenges of safeguarding against terrorism in modern America. Brigitte Gabriel’s expertise offers valuable insights, encouraging informed discussion and proactive measures among viewers.

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